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Sabrina the Teenage Witch returns to TV by Archie Comics and Moonscoop

Sabrina the Teenage Witch returns to TV by Archie Comics and Moonscoop

Just in time for Halloween, Archie Comics and Moonscoop have unveiled their realized plans to bring Sabrina the Teenage Witch back to TV. With an all new animated look, the show will bring Sabrina to new audiences, with up to date style and modern-day witch issues. While also producing hit toons like the Fantastic Four and Hero: 108, Moonscoop hopes to have the show ready to air in 2012. No network has yet been named, though Nickelodeon does have a long-standing relationship with the brand, having run the live-action version with Melissa Joan Hart for several seasons. Take a look at some renderings of the character!

Production Halted on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s TV Series The Governator

Production Halted on Arnold Schwarzenegger's TV Series The Governator

A few weeks back, we told you about The Governator, an upcoming project between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stan Lee. Unfortunately, a few things have changed between then and now, including some recent revelations from Arnold’s personal life. Because of that, his recent TV project The Governator has been placed on hold. The collaboration with comic book legend Stan Lee was set to become Schwarzenegger’s first foray back into TV since his term as governor. Production has officially been halted by A Squared Entertainment, POW, Stan Lee Comics, and Archie Comics. The show had gathered mass attention and was surely set to be a hit with fans. Here’s the trailer which may be the last and only thing we see from this Series

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