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Teen Titans Go!: Artful Dodgers Review

teen titans artful dodgers

A brand new episode of Teen Titans Go!, titled “Artful Dodgers,” has aired on Cartoon Network recently. For those not in the know, Teen Titans Go! is a new series that was created by Warner Bros. for Cartoon Network. It’s based on a DC property but isn’t part of the DC Nation Programming block (new episodes air during Tuesday Nights, instead of Saturday mornings)

Teen Titans Go! is a reboot of the 2003 original series Teen Titans, with a few notable differences. One of the major changes is the different animation style, but that’s not such a bad thing as it fits in perfectly with the show’s new more comedic direction, as opposed to the original’s emphasis on action. I would say they changed it because they wanted to do something different. They also got the old voice actors back for the Titans and the villains, which is great.

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