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Is Arthur ending after 25 seasons?

Last June, Montreal-based studio Oasis Animation announced that it had received funding to produce seasons 22-25 of the beloved PBS Kids series Arthur. There are indications this was the aardvark’s final renewal. It all started in mid-November when actor Bruce Dinsmore, who’s voiced Binky and Arthur’s father since the very beginning, Tweeted out this message: 24 years is a good ...


Downington Abbey gets animated…for at least 11 minutes.

I really didnt know Arthur was still going – now in its 16th season?! In the drama-filled “Fountain Abbey,” Muffy finds herself absolutely devastated when she learns her great-great grandmother, Mary Alice, wasn’t royalty at all. She was a common maid — oh, the indignity! However, through reading Mary Alice’s diary, Muffy is transported back in time to the famous English ...


Arthur Returns to PBS Kids This Month for 18th Season

This coming September 29, PBS Kids will be seeing the return of the Emmy Award-winning animated series Arthur, marking the series’ 18th season. Young viewers and their families alike will still be able to tune in and expect the usual things from Arthur – ranging from original stories about everyday life all the way to cheeky parodies of film noir. This season in particular will feature takes ...


Hangin’ Tough: Longest-running Animated Shows

In a cutthroat environment where TV shows are cancelled left and right, even before the shows get traction, twenty-four seasons is considered legendary. This feat was achieved by the dysfunctional family The Simpsons. 530 episodes is nothing to sneeze at, considering how fickle-minded viewers can be. Over two decades of The Simpsons may exhibit airtime longevity, but the truth is it is nowhere ...

Have a Merry Arthur Chirstmas in theaters

Have a Merry Arthur Chirstmas in theaters

Santa Claus isn’t just a legend, he’s also a man – a family man. Most of us have, by now, heard of his wife, Mrs. Claus. However, lesser known in the stories are the extended family beyond the married couple: their two sons Arthur and Steve, as well as the elder of the household, Arthur and Steve’s grandfather, Grandsanta. After 70 years of delivering Christmas gifts, ...

Fans flock to RIO while Hop extends the box office holiday

Fans flock to RIO while Hop extends the box office holiday

Once again, the box office tells the country what we’ve already known forever: toons rule. This weekend, it was the newcomer Rio to take the top spot. Fox animations tale of love between rare birds was far more than a match for the second place film, Scream 4, the latest sequel in the franchise. Maybe Scream should have added some CG animated characters to the grouping, as that appears ...

Easter Bunny Hop back to box office lead for Universal

Hop back to box office lead for Universal

Not a bad weekend for Russell Brand. Not only did the British comedian provide the voice for the number one film in the box office race, Hop’s Easter Bunny, he was also the star in the second place, live-action film, Arthur. From cartoon to actor in 10 seconds flat – and to the tune of $33 million for both! Since opening April 1st, Hop has generated nearly $70 million dollars for ...

Aardman Animations helps celebrate Arthur Christmas

Aardman Animations helps celebrate Arthur Christmas

How does Santa manage to go from house to house, all over the world, in just a single night? Well, that’s a question asked for ages that Aardman Animations hopes to answer in their upcoming holiday special, Arthur Christmas. Along with Sony Pictures Imageworks, Aardman reveals how Santa utilizes an ultra high tech operation beneath the North Pole, complete with a huge army of high-tech ...

PBS gets their spooky on with Arthur, Martha Speaks, Curious George and WordWorld

PBS gets their spooky on with Arthur, Martha Speaks, Curious George and WordWorld

Starting October 25th, your PBS Kids favorites will be getting into the … “spirit”. Arthur, Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, and Martha Speaks will all debut new episodes, and each of them will be Halloween-themed, perfectly timed for the holiday arriving a week later. Neil Gaiman, legendary creepy comic book writer, and also the driving force behind Coraline, will be penning the ...

Arthur reaches season 14 on PBS Kids Go, October 11th

Arthur reaches season 14 on PBS Kids Go, October 11th

Fourteen seasons. I mean, really 14 seasons! When you think giants like Dora and SpongeBob and even the recently discussed Ed, Edd n’ Eddy were “only” on for 10 years or so, it makes what Arthur has done on PBS all the more astounding, as he goes for his 14th season starting Monday, October 11th. Whats even cooler, the show is still improving, bringing new concepts and new ...

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