Her Universe Press Launches at NYCC!

We began this imprint to provide an opportunity for new and aspiring female writers to have their voices heard and to see their work professionally published.

Star Wars

Preview of Star Wars Rebels: Season 2 Premiere

Dave Filoni and the rest of the Star Wars Rebels cast and crew have not only met the challenge, but they are going to great lengths to surpass any expectations fans may have had about Darth Vader and this period in the Star Wars Timeline.


Her Universe’s Ashley Eckstein Interviews the Women Behind Transformers Prime

The following article is reprinted with permission from Her Universe: 2013 is the “Year of the Fangirl” and to celebrate, Her Universe™ has been spotlighting a different fangirl every day on showing their diversity, dreams and interests. Geek Girls are one of the fastest growing and important segments of the sci-fi/fantasy audience and can […]

Cartoon Network Disney Star Wars

NYCC Interview: Ashley Eckstein from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Here’s how awesomely cool Ashley Eckstein is: She is one of the busiest people on the planet, but somehow, she managed to give us an interview on Sunday Afternoon, after only meeting her for the first time on the previous Friday Night. It was a real pleasure to meet Ashley and her husband David in […]