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New Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist Trailer Features Ken

The previous Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist trailer focused on Ryu, which is understandable as the white gi-wearing world warrior is pretty much synonymous with the franchise. However, fans of the Ryu’s fellow student of ansatsuken, the red gi-wearing Ken Masters, will appreciate the new trailer as it shows a little bit of the path that he took in order to get to where he is now. You can watch the teaser trailer below:

New Street Fighter Series Teased: Assassin’s Fist


When you think “Live-Action Street Fighter,” the images that come to mind are not that good, as you’ll most likely imagine the so-bad-it’s-good live action film with Van Damme or the just-plain-bad Chun Li one with Kristin Kreuk. Capcom wants to erase that stigma, and they’re going to do it with the help of online entertainment company Machinima, via a new live-action series for the Machinima network titled “Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist.”

Frankly, we’re aware that teasers rarely ensure the overall quality of a project, but the teaser for Assassin’s Fist is all sorts of badass. If you’re curiosity is piqued, you can go ahead and watch the teaser below:

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