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Singin with the Jetsons and Rockin with Judy Jetson on Warner Archive DVD

Singin with the Jetsons and Rockin with Judy Jetson on Warner Archive DVD

Sky Rocker is a big name in the music industry. Or, at least, he will be thousands of years from now when we live in the era of The Jetsons. And Sky Rocker is clearly not meant to be confused with Skywalker – especially since both Anakin and Luke are from a “long time ago.” But in the future, Sky is all the rage, and Judy Jetson couldn’t be a bigger fan. When she and ...


Astro Boy: the video game

High Voltage and D3Publisher are just about complete with their upcoming Astro Boy video game for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2. In the game, players take control of Astro Boy, taking to the streets and skies on an epic adventure to save Metro City from the clutches of the evil. Swoop around to destroy President Stone’s evil robot army and protect the people! Astro Boy will be in ...


New Astro Boy trailer

There’s a new Astro Boy trailer making its way around the web, and ToonBarn has it! The film, which is set to hit theaters October 23rd, is set in futuristic Metro City. Astro Boy is a young robot with incredible powers created by Tenma, a brilliant scientist. Powered by positive blue energy, Astro Boy has super strength, x-ray vision, super speed and, of course, the ability to fly! ...


Papawa goes worldwide

BRB Internacional and Screen 21 are bringing Papawa to a number of new locations, including Mediaset in Italy and RTP in Portugal.  Papawa is about an island of dreams populated by characters out of a nightmare.!  The cut-out animation series will debut later this year on even more networks including Malaysia and Brunei via satellite on Astro TV. ...


We finally get an Astro Boy trailer!

After weeks of just being able to talk about the movie and its various, slow-to-us details (Astro Boy casting details, Astro Boy video games, Astro Boy greeting cards…??) finally… FINALLY, we’re getting to see some action!  The new trailer for Astro Boy has finally hit the web, and we have it here at ToonBarn!  Check it out after the break below. ...


Astro Boy – October 23, 2009

Astro Boy will be soaring to theaters on October 23rd, 2009.  The Summit Entertainment and Imagi Studios CGI animated feature film will star Astro, a powerful robot boy.  Astro fights evil in any form — most of his enemies are robot-hating humans or robots gone nuts (aaah!!).  The movie will be based on the earlier anime series and original Manga.  Among the cast members in the film ...


Veronica Mars, Astro Boy… we see a space pattern!

Kristen Bell, star of TV’s Veronica Mars, will reportedly be providing her voice for the lead female character in Warner Bros. upcoming CG animated movie, Astro Boy.  …and thats pretty much all that anyone knows, as it is not yet decided who that female character actually is.  The Imagi Entertainment movie will star Freddie Highmore as the voice of Astro Boy.  Other cast ...

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