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Attack on Titan Author Dispels Rumors About Levi’s Age

Not going to spoil anything, but recent events in the Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan manga seem to support some of the farfetched fan theories based on the No Regrets, Birth of Levi spin-off manga, and Levi’s age has become the subject of fan speculation all over the Internet. In fact, the buzz was so loud that the manga’s author has decided to break his silence regarding the matter:

From the official Twitter account:

Spike Chunsoft Interested in Bringing Attack on Titan Game to North America

According to a recent report by Siliconera, a source at game development outfit Spike Chunsoft has let it slip that they are interested in bringing the Attack on Titan 3DS action game to North America, something that many Western fans of the series would no doubt appreciate due to the fact that 3DSes are region-locked.

Fans Combine Attack on Titan and Pokemon Into One Weird Game

There’s no denying that Pokemon is one of the most kid-friendly franchises out there (child abductions and dead spirits that come back as pokemon notwithstanding,) and that it’s on the opposite end of the spectrum as the mature manga/anime Attack on Titan. Nobody thinks that the two franchises will ever mix, especially in game form.

At least, nobody outside of the indie dev team Arcane Kids, who just released a video showing off a new game based off PokemonNXT, titled Pokemon Millennial Edition. If you’ve been paying attention to the first paragraph, Millennial Edition is a game that mixes elements from Attack on Titan and Pokemon. Basically, it puts players in the shoes of a Trainer, who is armed with a gun that shoots pokeballs and a crude version of the 3D Maneuver Gear. The target? GIANT POKEMON roaming the island.

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