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Niantic Announces Gym Update for Pokemon GO

Augmented Reality developer Niantic Labs has recently announced an update for their globally popular ARG Pokemon Go. The new update will bring much needed features to Gyms, such as allowing trainers to bring six Pokemon to train at friendly gyms, as opposed to only a single Pokemon pre-update. The combat points of the Pokemon the trainer is fighting against may also be temporarily lowered in ...


Invizimals Set to Make a Splash at MIP JR and MIPCOM

The brand new animated TV series based on Sony’s hit videogame franchise Invizimals is set to make a strong appearance at the upcoming editions of MIP JR and MIPCOM in Cannes this coming October. TVE has already confirmed their involvement in the production of the new animated series, along with Spanish development studio Novorama and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The TV series will ...

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