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Injustice: Gods Among Us Officially Reveals Batgirl as DLC Character

Injustice: Gods Among Us Officially Reveals Batgirl as DLC Character

Some astute fans were able to break out the news early that NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice: Gods Among Us will have Batgirl as the next character, thanks in part to a mixup that resulted in the DLC info being listed early. The listing was culled immediately, but it was too late as fans have already spread the rumors. By this point, NetherRealm has no choice but to confirm the DLC (since canceling the DLC will actually make them look bad).

Anyway – no harm done, right? Everybody loves Batgirl. And while not everybody loves DLCs, we can make do with a Batgirl DLC. You can check out the promo video below, which contains a little bit of character history along with gameplay footage:

New DC Animated Short: Supergirl Gets Grounded

New DC Animated Short: Supergirl Gets Grounded

DC Nation has just released a new clip from their Super Best Friends Forever (S.B.F.F.), which is a series of animated shorts that depict Donna Troy, Barbara Gordon, and Kara El as super powered BFFs who must deal with the hardships of teenage life, as well as the hardships of having enough power to level an entire city. Of course, they also have to deal with their super-powered guardians from time to time…

Beware The Batman CG Cartoon heads to Cartoon Network’s DC Nation 2013

Beware The Batman CG Cartoon heads to Cartoon Network's DC Nation 2013

We just found out what Batman was doing back in Year One, now Cartoon Network has offered a glimpse at what the Dark Knight will be doing in year 2013! We’ve gone from The Animated Series to Justice League Unlimited to The Batman to the Brave and the Bold, with many stops in between on TV and DVD, so it’s fair to say Batman has had a lot of variety. From what we can see from just this one teaser image, the Caped Crusader is getting yet another remake by the time he appears on Cartoon Network’s 2013 lineup.

BTAS Secrets – The Joker’s eyes

The Joker\'s eyes

So what is such a secret about the Joker’s eyes?  Batman the Animated Series actually existed on two networks — the first few years were run on Fox, and then it moved over to the WB.  During the change, nearly every character received a dramatic makeover to show a new style.  Batman’s cape and cowl, for example, went from a bulky blue to a sleek black.  Scarecrow went from a goofy guy in a goofy mask to the modern day visage of death; a hanged corpse. 

The Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime received a number of tweaks as well to streamline his look, including the (sad) loss of creepy red lips.  Amongst his other changes was a very subtle redefinition of his eyes, the windows to his soul.  In the earlier Fox cartoons, the Joker’s eyes were a yellowish tint surrounding an empty black pupil.  By the time he reached the WB, the colors of his eyes were reversed, leaving a tiny white pupil in a soulless and demonic black pit.  This left the Joker creepier than ever, with a skull-like appearance.  Creepy!

Check out some more redesigns after the break!

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