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Justice League gets adorably plush at Toy Fair 2010

Justice League gets adorably plush at Toy Fair 2010

Now, tell me this; what kind of horrible super villain would you have to be to want to hurt these guys? I mean, look at them! They’re adorable!! They make you just want to pick them up and give them hugs and make sure these super heroes have super days. This plush team of hero collectibles was recently shown off at Toy Fair 2010 this year, in a group fashion of Superman, Batman, Green ...

Batman 3, The Dark Knight suits up again

Batman 3, The Dark Knight suits up again

What?! There’s going to be a third Batman film, to follow up after The Dark Knight?? OK, OK, I know. It’s not exactly blockbuster information to think there will be a Batman 3 in theaters after the first two amazingly successful films. Everyone knew it was coming, but this past week is the first time it was confirmed people were working on it. When we learned there was ...

New Superman film on the way, with Batman's help

New Superman film on the way, with Batman’s help

Batman has had two very successful films recently; The Dark Knight became one of the highest grossing films of all time. After Superman Returns, Warner Bros and DC Comics are hoping to get the Superman franchise headed in the right direction, and they’re looking to their Batfriend for help. Warner and DC have reportedly turned to Christopher Nolan, the genius behind the latest Batfilms, ...


First look at the new LEGO Ben 10 toy Humungousaur

The upcoming LEGO line for the hit series Ben 10: Alien Force has really spiked in popularity over the past few weeks, dominating the search engines as fans clamor to catch a glimpse – and who are we to disappoint? We’ve got a brand new teaser video revealing a new character from the Cartoon Network adventure, Humungousaur, animated in full LEGO form. Like our previous look at ...


First look at the new LEGO Ben 10 toy Chromastone

We’ve been waiting quite some time to get our eyes on the new Ben 10 LEGO toys and figures, and it looks like that long-wait is finally paying off. Slowly but surely, Cartoon Network is revealing glimpses of the Ben 10 Alien Force characters, animated in LEGO form. The look resembles the Batman and Star Wars LEGO animations and video games, but its as if Ben took over Legoland on his ...


Cartoon Network’s 12 days of Christmas

Cartoon Network is going all out this season, ringing in the holidays by celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. Amongst the parties are a number of shows, marathons, and specials, all filled with holiday-themed animation. So what’s on the list? Ed, Edd n Eddy’s Jingle, Jingle, Jangle; A Johnny Bravo Christmas; Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Invasion of the Secret Santas!; Chowder: ...


2009 Holiday Toon Toys

There are always so many different action figures, play sets, stuffed dolls, and video games to choose from — especially as November and December roll around, when all the toy companies want to make sure they get in your house for the holidays 🙂 Of all the options, what are you hoping to own? And I know, I know… Zhu Zhu Pets… we’re talking toon-specific stuff here! ...

Just ten more days until Warner Premiere's Batman Under the Red Hood

Batman: Under the Red Hood

DC Comics has been cranking out a number of hit DVDs over the past few years, via the Warner Premiere line. Superman and Batman: Public Enemies, Wonder Woman, and the upcoming Justice League tale, just to name a few. Continuing out the calendar, they’ve began promoting another animated film, Batman: Under the Red Hood. unveiled some previews for the Justice League DVD, which ...


Smallville gets “Super”sized

This bit of super news is hitting you faster than a speeding bullet! The CW has officially announced plans to take a number of Smallville plotlines and create a TV movie out of them. The storylines focus on the Justice Society, introducing characters like Hawkman, Stargirl, and Doctor Fate, as well as DC villain Amanda Waller. Those of you who were fans of Cartoon Network’s Justice ...


Cartoon Network goes HD

Cartoon fans in Asian regions will soon be looking at their toons in a whole new “D” — HD! Cartoon Network, via Japan’s SKYPerfect TV, will launch a brand new HD version of it’s toon channel, pumping out animated fun in glorious high resolution. Not every show is HD ready, but there are some specifically enhanced for HD, including Ben 10 Alien Force, Star Wars: ...


Batman The Brave and the Bold season two

The second season of Batman: The Brave and the Bold kicks off this weekend on Cartoon Network. It airs regularly on Friday nights at 7:30pm, then replays through out the week prior to the next new episode. This season, producers promise many more team ups and many more special guest appearances from heroes all over the DC Universe. Next week, on October 23rd, Neil Patrick Harris will be ...

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