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Ben 10: Alien Force: Vengeance of Vilgax

September means many things, at least for us in the Northern half of the world; the days get shorter, the air gets a little cooler, back to …ugh… school … but it also means one very good thing — the toons are returning! For Ben 10 fans, tonight is the big night where, finally, the long wait is over. Cartoon Network will premiere the first episode of the third season of ...


Ben 10: Alien Force Volume 5 DVD on the way

Four volumes just isn’t enough — we need more! Thankfully, the folks at Cartoon Network and Warner Home Video have been listening. On November 17th, the pair will release Ben 10: Alien Force – Volume 5, complete with 4 episodes: Undercover, Pet Project, Grounded, and Voided. Here’s what the bio has to say: Hold on tight as Ben, Gwen, and Kevin take off on a new series ...


Generator Rex

Later this year, Cartoon Network plans to unveil a brand new animated series called Generator Rex. The story, an action-adventure, revolves around Rex, a typical 15 year old … that can grow machines out of his body! OK, so not so “typical”. Rex travels around the world, investigating his own mutations, as well as those he finds in others. I dunno about you, but I think ...


Ben 10: Alien Swarm

Cartoon Network’s next live-action Ben 10 movie, to hit the TV in the fall of 2009, will be Ben 10: Alien Swarm, the sequel to the 2007 movie, Ben 10: Race Against Time. The story is about Elena an alien girl that crashes to earth and the team must defend it against her father. Ben must break ranks from the Plumbers to help Elena, and, once again, save our planet. Update: And now, Alien ...


Another Live-Action ‘Ben 10: Alien Force’

They did it once before, and now they’re going to do it again!  Get ready for a whole new Ben 10 live-action made-for-TV movie!  The last one, Ben 10: Race Against Time, was really popular amongst friends.  No date has been announced yet for the movie, but we know its coming! Originally, Ben 10 grew to fame in animated form on the appropriately titled Cartoon Network.n However, in ...


Ben 10: Alien Force DVD Cover Art

Warner Home Video and Cartoon Network have listed October 21st as the release date for the first Ben 10: Alien Force DVD (Season 1, Volume 1).  Sure, we’ll all be camping out at stores that day to grab the first copy… or maybe even twenty copies for all of our friends, too.  But in the meantime, gaze your eyes on what our treasured prize will look like!  The official DVD package ...

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