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New Beware the Batman Clips: Instinct


A couple of new clips has been released for this week’s episode of Beware the Batman, titled “Instinct.” The episode will air on Cartoon Network this Saturday, October 5, as part of the DC Nation programming block at 10:00 AM.

In “Instinct,” two of Batman’s newest and deadliest enemies – Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad – are back, and this time they’re going after Gotham’s elite couture culture! After attacking a model and a clothing designer, they have left the hapless victims in deadly traps, leaving clues that only the world’s greatest detective can decipher.

New Beware the Batman Clips: Sacrifice


A couple of new non-exclusive teaser clips has just been released for this week’s episode of Beware the Batman, titled “Sacrifice.” The episode will be airing on Saturday, September 28, at 10:00 AM on Cartoon Network as part of the DC Nation programming block.

In “Sacrifice,” one of Batman’s more dangerous foes, Anarky, has resurfaced with a plan that is far more cunning and deadly than his last one. Anarky has stolen a very valuable object from the League of Assassins, and frames Batman for it. Then Anarky informs Batman of where he can find the League. Despite knowing that it’s a trap, Batman takes Katana along and goes to the place only to find out that all of them, including League leader Lady Shiva and her ninja assassins, have been manipulated into entering a building used to house rare and deadly diseases.

When Anarky releases one of the airborne viruses, Batman and the others have to work together and find a way to escape. But there is one other problem: if the virus gets out of the building, Gotham itself is doomed.

You can check out the clips below:

New Free Browser Game: Beware the Batman – Gotham Streets


It’s Wednesday again, and that means Toonbarn’s free browser based game of the week! This time around, we’re featuring something that’s very near and dear to our hearts: Batman. To be more specific, something based on the most recent TV series, Beware the Batman. The game is titled Gotham Streets, and it puts you in the shoes of the caped crusader, and then puts you in the driver’s seat of his favorite mode of transportation – the batmobile.

Gotham Streets has surprisingly good presentation for a browser-based game, featuring an FMV cutscene that shows the batmobile taking to the streets. From thereon, the game turns into a top-down SHMUP, with the batmobile taking on various vehicles (and even spaceships?) using front and back-facing weapons. There are power-ups galore (including the always-helpful spread shot) and an option to drop oil in order to take out enemies from behind. You can play the game below:

New Beware the Batman Clips: Control


Two new clips have just been released for this week’s episode of Beware the Batman, titled “Control,” which airs on Saturday, September 21, at 10:00 AM ET/PT as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Programming block.

In “Control,” we get to see how Batman will fare against his protégé as the League of Assassins, already frustrated over the failed kidnapping of Jason Burr and the scheme to gain access to the Ion Cortex, has sent one of their specialized team members to steal the information directly from Burr’s mind.

New Beware the Batman Clips: Allies

Beware the batman allies

A couple of new non-exclusive clips has been released for this week’s episode of Beware the Batman, titled “Allies,” which is scheduled to air Saturday, September 14 at 10:00 AM as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Programming block.

In Allies, Batman finally managed to collect evidence that can convict and put one of the most powerful gangsters in Gotham, Tobias Whale, away for good. However, Whale wouldn’t be at the top of the food chain if he’s easy to take down; after the gangster’s lawyer has threatened Lieutenant Gordon to free Whale or else, the gangster also had Barbara Gordon abducted and held in the most dangerous part of Gotham: The Cauldron.

The cops might be afraid of The Cauldron, but not the Batman. With Alfred and Katana in tow, the Dark Knight stages a raid on the Cauldron and takes on the notorious group of thugs ruling the place called “the Ghosts.” However, the Ghosts are the least of their problems as Barbara Gordon is being guarded by an even more dangerous foe named Phosphorus Rex.

New Beware the Batman Clips: Family


A couple of new teaser clips for the next episode of Beware the Batman have just been released online. The episode, titled “Family,” is scheduled to air as part of the Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block this Saturday, September 7 at 10:00 AM ET/PT.

In “Family,” the League of Assassins finally know where the SoulTaker Sword is but they are unable to get Katana to return it, so they decide upon a different course of action: kidnap Bruce Wayne and hold him for ransom (with the ransom being the SoulTaker Sword). Of course, they have no idea what they’re in for as they don’t know that Wayne is actually Batman. Once Katana shows up to turn over the sword, Alfred causes a diversion that allows Bruce to don the cape and cowl. With Katana by his side, the Batman finds himself in an all-out ninja fight that ends with a startling revelation.

You can check out the preview clips below:

SDCC 2013: ToonBarn Interviews JB Blanc from Beware the Batman

JB Blanc, getting interviewed by ToonBarn's Marc Morrell at San Diego Comic-Con for Beware the Batman

He’s the man of a million accents. He’s a very versatile actor, and an even better coach and tutor to hundreds of other actors. He spent the first 12 years of his career working in Theatre in London, honing his craft. Then, in 2001, he got the role of Luigi Vampa in The Count of Monte Cristo, playing an Italian Pirate. His career has taken off since then, branching off into hundreds of roles in animation, video games, TV, Theatre and movies, as well as the occasional commercial and documentary voice-overs.

SDCC 2013: ToonBarn Interviews Anthony Ruivivar from Beware the Batman

Anthony Ruivivar talks to ToonBarn's Marc Morrell about Beware the Batman at SDCC 2013

When Anthony Ruivivar found out he would be the new voice of Batman and Bruce Wayne for the Cartoon Network animated series, Beware the Batman, he was terrified. So many great actors had played the role before him, and he was bound and determined to not let anybody down. The first person he told, “I’m Batman!”, was his 3-year old son. We won’t tell you here what his son said, because you have to see Anthony tell you the story in the interview below. Suffice it to say, it’s a really great story.

SDCC 2013: ToonBarn Interviews Mitch Watson from Beware the Batman

ToonBarn's Marc Morrell talks to Mitch Watson, Producer of Beware the Batman, at SDCC 2013

Mitch Watson knows a boatload about Batman and Alfred. We know, because he talks about them, and their roles on Beware the Batman, without taking a breath, in our interview with him at San Diego Comic-Con. Mitch is a Producer for Beware the Batman, which airs on Cartoon Network, Saturday Mornings at 10 AM ET. Mitch knows a boatload because, when they were researching for the show, they had to pull from everything that has ever been done with the characters in the Batman Universe, to determine what their Batman backstory might be.

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