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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Big Hero 6 and 101 Dalmatians

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and whether you have a partner or not doesn’t matter. The occasion deserves to be celebrated, because affection is awesome, right? And what better way to celebrate the occasion while being awesome than by doing it with 101 Dalmatians and Big Hero 6!

Timely too, as Big Hero 6 is already available in Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere, and soon to be out on Blu-Ray, while 101 Dalmatians is already out on Blu-Ray, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere. What better way to show love and affection by popping these two beauties in your video player and plopping down on the couch with your loved ones.

Of course, you can also add a more personal touch to your Big Hero 6 and 101 Dalmatians-themed Valentine’s Day by printing out and cards designed by the cool folks at Disney themselves. You can click the button below to download the printable layout:

Disney’s Big Hero 6 Gets Anime Short

The Japanese release of Disney’s Big Hero 6 is notable becomes it comes with a music video from Japanese entertainer Takefumi Kurashina, who is known for his flipbook style anime shorts. It is in this style that the Big Hero 6 short is done – in black and white handrawn art, showing the bond between the two brothers and the literal and figurative healing that Hiro received from Baymax.

Check out Takefumi Kurashina’s Big Hero 6 short below:

Disney Releases Preview Clip for Feast Short

This coming November 7th, Disney will be premiering the CG film adaptation of Marvel’s Big Hero 6, and while that’s news enough and worth watching on its own, the premiere will also have something that fans of the animated medium can look forward to: it marks the first time the general public will get to see the short “Feast,” which originally premiered at Annecy last May (and made appearances in other festivals.)

To get everyone ready for the premiere, Disney has released a preview clip for the short:

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