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New Trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z


A new trailer for the latest 3D fighting game based on the Dragon Ball Z franchise has just been released by Namco Bandai, just in time to promote its impending Western release. The trailer showcases the new features of the game, from the new multiplayer modes to the addition of new characters, such as Bills, who was first introduced in the recent ‘Battle of Gods’ film. Check it out below:

New Trailer for Dragonball Z: Battle of Z


A new trailer has just been released for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, showing off new footages and shining a spotlight on some of the more impressive changes in the 3D fighting game.

One of the more welcome additions is an up-to-date character roster, which includes the antagonist from this year’s Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie, the god of destruction Bills. Additionally, Goku will be able to go into Super Saiyan God mode, which is a new transformation revealed in Battle of Gods (one that uses 5 Saiyans with pure hearts to transform another Saiyan into a ‘god’ with power levels that dwarf even a Super Saiyan 3.)

IMAX Trailer for Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is about to hit the big screens on March 30th, and not just the big screens, it’s about to hit the biggest of them all, as the movie is going to be the first-ever Japanese movie to be shown in IMAX. You can check out the promo below for a few shots of Goku summoning Shenlong during Bulma’s birthday party, as well as Vegeta fighting with Bills, and our very first shot of Marron.

We also have a bit of info about the much talked-about new Saiyan form beyond Super Saiyan 3. But it’s one of the biggest spoilers of the film, so if you want to watch the movie with all the surprises intact, you can stop reading after this sentence.

New TV Spot for Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods

dbz battle of gods

A new 30 second TV spot for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods anime movie has started running on Japanese TV, obviously as a way of promoting the March 30 release. Majority of the footage used has already been seen in previous trailers but still a decent looking trailer that helps tease the upcoming fight between Goku and the god of destruction, Bills.

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