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Disney Channel to Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s Birthday This Month

Disney Channel to Celebrate Mickey Mouse's Birthday This Month

This coming Monday, November 19, the Disney Channel will be celebrating the birthday of one of the industry’s most recognizable and beloved characters, Mickey Mouse. The celebrations will be heralded by the premiere of the first ever extended episode of the Emmy Award-winning Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts, followed by a whole day of themed programming in honor of the ever-optimistic mouse.

Celebrate his 30th with Postman Pat The Movie: You Know You’re The One

Celebrate his 30th with Postman Pat The Movie: You Know You're The One

Happy Birthday Postman Pat! As of this month, the Classic Media iconic toon becomes the longest running animated series on the BBC, hitting the ripe old age of 30. And how do most of us celebrate our birthdays? By unveiling we are going to star in our own CG, 3D Stereoscopic feature film, of course! Well, maybe the rest of us don’t do exactly that, but Postman Pat will! Postman Pat: The Movie: You Know You’re The One will hit theaters sometime in 2013, starring the voice work of Jim Broadbent, Rupert Grint, David Tennant, and Stephen Mangan as Postman Pat, himself.

Sonic the Hedgehog 20th anniversary

Sonic the Hedgehog 20th anniversary

It was way back in 1991 when Sega first premiered Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis. From that moment on, Sonic became the company’s most iconic mascot, knocking Alex Kidd from the title, and never looking back. From his first appearance as a dashboard toy in Rad Mobile, to his Sonic X animated series, battling with Dr. Eggman and Dr. Robotnik, meeting up with Tails and Knuckles, through Sega CD and Dreamcast, the Sonic Storybook series, and more — Sonic has been a blue blur of excitement for over 20 years. It’s no wonder Sega is making big strides for the Hedgehog’s 20th anniversary. Sonic Generations will help get this point across in a big way, as gamers can play through new and classic episodes as Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic. Will you guys be celebrating his big day at your house?

Cartoon Network teams with Hallmark Cards

Cartoon Network teams with Hallmark Cards

Is there a better way to say “I love you” than with the gift of a Ben 10 Ultimate Alien card? OK, maybe that’s not the greatest example to use (or if you’re weird enough, maybe it is!!) but the point remains, we’d love to see more uses for messages portrayed with Cartoon Network characters. That’s why Hallmark Cards and Cartoon Network Enterprises have teamed up to produce a range of everyday and seasonal greeting cards and other party supplies featuring many of your favorite characters. Ben 10, Generator Rex, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Bakugan, and many more of Cartoon Network’s popular icons will appear on everything from thank you notes to balloons. Makes us anxious for our next birthday party!!

Nickelodeon scores Dora’s Big Ratings for Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure

Nickelodeon scores Dora's Big Ratings for Dora's Big Birthday Adventure

And the top-rated show honors goes to… Dora the Explorer! The cute little adventurer won big time for Nickelodeon with her 10th anniversary prime time special last Sunday. The toon, Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure, was the top rated program amongst kids during the time slot, and scored the highest numbers for a Dora toon in over two years! And with all the foreign language she’s taught us over the years across the Nick Jr. lineups, we should have said this in Spanish. …hmm…

Mattel and Classic Media’s She-Ra reaches 25th anniversary

Mattel and Classic Media's She-Ra reaches 25th anniversary

Princess Adora might not be overly anxious to dish out her age every birthday, but Mattel and Classic Media couldn’t be more proud that She-Ra – their creation and Adora’s alter ego – is celebrating her 25th anniversary this week. For the honor of Grayskull! The classic 80s toon, recently re-released on YouTube, produced a legion of fans, action figures, and products a few decades back, rising to fame as the twin sister of Prince Adam, other wise known as He-Man. Together, the two lead the Masters of the Universe franchise from Saturday mornings to digital downloads on iTunes, with more in store for the future. Take a look at the full press release from Mattel

Treehouse celebrates Dora the Explorer’s 10th anniversary this Sunday

Treehouse celebrates Dora the Explorer's 10th anniversary this Sunday

On Sunday, August 15th, Treehouse and the whole of Corus Entertainment will proudly celebrate Dora the Explorer’s 10th anniversary. The key to the celebration will be the debut of the primetime TV movie Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure at 6pm. The hour long special will also be airing on Nickelodeon in the US, so if you have a satellite that can pick up both channels, feel free to switch back and forth! Special guests include: Rosie Perez, John Leguizamo, and Hector Elizondo, amongst others. Even at ten years old, Dora shows no signs of slowing down! The iconic animated diva, created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner, raked in about $2.5 billion in sales, this year alone. That could buy a lot of birthday presents!

Spidey delivers pizzas thanks to Marvel and DecoPac

Spidey delivers pizzas thanks to Marvel and DecoPac

Maybe you’ve been to a birthday party or two that had these cuh-RAAAAZY cakes that actually looked like drawings? Maybe it was your favorite cartoon character or an actual scene from a CG movie? If so, that was likely the work of DecoPac, a company who makes food an artform. Now, DecoPac plans to move into the world of pizza decoration, tapping Marvel Entertainment as the perfect partner for the designs. Designs have already been started starring Spider-Man, Super Hero Squad characters, Wolverine, and heroes from the big screen films, like Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger. Be on the look out for the products this November, and get started on the super pizza!

Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure Sneak Peek on NickJr today

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure Sneak Peek on NickJr today

As the 10th anniversary of Dora the Explorer approaches, Nickelodeon is pulling out all the stops to make this a big event! We know that the network plans to air the special on Nick August 15th at 8pm, and we just recently learned that a DVD of the hour long episode will be available August 3rd. But to completely hype up the Birthday celebration, NickJr will be showcasing a sneak peek of Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure today, Monday August 2nd. Dora is getting some birthday this year, but it looks like we’re part of the surprise!

Nickelodeon starts the party early with Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure on DVD August 3rd

Nickelodeon starts the party early with Dora's Big Birthday Adventure on DVD August 3rd

It was just a few days ago when we learned Nickelodeon would be celebrating Dora the Explorer’s 10th birthday with a special on August 15th called Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure. Now, it looks like Nick is giving out the birthday gifts early, as we’re getting an additional extra special secret super anniversary surprise! Together with Paramount Home Entertainment, Nickelodeon Home Entertainment will release the special hour-long episode on DVD this coming Tuesday, August 3rd. That means a few extra days of cake!

Dora the Explorer and Nickelodeon celebrate Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure on August 15

Dora the Explorer and Nickelodeon celebrate Doras Big Birthday Adventure on August 15

In just a few weeks, Nickelodeon is going to kick off a celebration 10 years in the making! On August 15th, the network will debut a new, hour-long, prime time movie event Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure. The special episode marks the 10th anniversary of Dora the Explorer, and will be a very special birthday for Dora, indeed! The event kicks off at 8pm that Sunday night, featuring a number of special guest stars, including; Rosie Perez, John Leguizamo and Hector Elizondo. Right after the movie, Nick will showcase a documentary on Dora’s 10th anniversary, which includes commentary by Dora creators Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes and Eric Weiner. Be sure to bring a present!

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