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Full Length Trailer for Ferdinand Released

20th Century Fox has just released the first full-length trailer, as well as a new poster, for Blue Sky Studios’ upcoming CG animated feature “Ferdinand.” The film is directed by carlos Saldanha (Rio) and will focus on the story of a giant bull with a big heart. In the film, the titular bull has been mistaken for a dangerous beast, resulting in being captured and taken away from his home. ...


Official Trailer for Fox/Blue Sky’s Ferdinand Revealed

20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios have recently unveiled an official trailer for their upcoming CG animated adventure feature, Ferdinand. The film is directed by Rio’s Carlos Saldanha and is based on the popular book “The Story of Ferdinand” by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson. The story of Ferdinand focuses on the titular giant bull, who is frequently mistaken for a dangerous beast even ...


Blue Sky Studios and Fox Animation Adapting Frogkisser as Hybrid Flick

Blue Sky Studios and Fox Animation will be producing an animation/live-action musical feature that is based on the book Frogkisser! by Garth Nix. The project is being supervised by Ralph Millero (Peanuts), VP for animation of FOX. The movie will focus on Princess Anya who has the inopportune ability to break curses with a magic-assisted kiss. When the new husband of her evil stepmother tries to ...


Preview of Blue Sky Studios’ Epic

Blue Sky Studios’ co-founder Chris Wedge recently released a video showing off a few key scenes from the upcoming CG animated feature, Epic, and talked about his inspirations behind the much anticipated fantasy feature: ““Whenever I start thinking about a new project, I begin to imagine it as a cool place to visit,” he noted. “In in this case that place is the forest, the woods ...

Fox will air new Ice Age Christmas Special on Nov 24

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special hits Fox November 24th

Fox TV is scheduled to premiere the new Ice Age Christmas Special on Nov 24 at 8 PM. The feature, entitled Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special, will have a 30 minute runtime and will be directed by Karen Disher. Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special follows Sid and Manny as they make their way to the North Pole, in a desperate attempt to make it up to Santa after finding out that they ...

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas makes Fox and Blue Sky holiday season

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas makes Fox and Blue Sky holiday season

Looks like the Ice Age is expanding. Again! We’ve only just recently received details on the fourth film in the Ice Age franchise, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, and now we’re already hearing about a new made-for-TV special with the Ice Age brand. The half-hour special, titled Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, will premiere November 24th this holiday season. After Sid accidentally ...

Fox and Blue Sky bring Rio to theaters

Fox and Blue Sky bring Rio to theaters

This weekend, Fox brings their latest CG animated effort to theaters with Rio. The Blue Sky Studios film is the sixth in their lineup, taking place (mostly) in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Taking a distinctly musical path over the more comedic Ice Age movies, Rio is largely a love story about a rare blue Spix’s Macaw, conveniently named Blu, does what he can to impress Jewel, a ...

Blue Sky Studios' Rio spreads wings during Super Bowl XLV

Blue Sky Studios’ Rio spreads wings during Super Bowl XLV

Super Bowl XLV would not have been complete without an updated teaser of Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox’s April 15th film, Rio. Blu (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg) is a nerdy, cowardly, shy blue macaw, living at a bookstore in Moose Lake, Minnesota. …at least until scientists learn that this endangered species has a potential mate in South America. It’s there, in Rio de ...

Fox has Rio fly to theaters April 15th

Fox has Rio fly to theaters April 15th

Twentieth Century Fox has a lot on it’s plate. With all types of Ice Age related news on the horizon, their most immediate concern, Rio, steps out of the cold and into the Blue Sky … literally, via Blue Sky Studios. In addition to partnering with Toys R Us, THQ, HarperCollins, and Hallmark for a series of toys, games, books and cards, hype for the movie has begun to roll out with ...

EA and Fox team for Will Wright's Spore the movie

EA and Fox team for Will Wright’s Spore the movie

Electronic Arts has no problem producing some of the greatest video games you encounter on a daily basis; but what about movies? Well, it looks like Twentieth Century Fox is up to the challenge, partnering with EA to produce a CG animated feature film based on Will Wright’s video game masterpiece, Spore. Greg Erb and Jason Oremland, the folks behind Disney’s The Princess and the ...

Fox announces Ice Age 4, Ice Age: Continental Drift in 3D

Fox announces Ice Age 4, Ice Age: Continental Drift in 3D

The Ice Age continues, at least according to Fox. Blue Sky Studios recently announced that the Paleolithic franchise will bring about another sequel making Ice Age 4 into Ice Age: Continental Drift. As is popular with every movie these days, the film will be developed in 3D. The target date is currently set for July 13, 2012, which pits the film 10 days after Sony’s Spider-Man reboot, ...


Rio gets some voices

Earlier this year, ToonBarn reported that Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios were working together on a new 3D animated feature film called RIO. All these month’s later, the production finally can announce some leading voices for the main characters. Anne Hathaway, Neil Patrick Harris, and Rodrigo Santoro are amongst the names now associated with the film about a nerdy macaw that sets ...

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