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Disney CEO Says Fox Deal Will Close “Soon.”

Disney’s pending acquisition of Fox’s film and TV studio, FX, Natgeo, and 30% stake in Hulu is a big deal, mainly because of the number of properties that the House of Mouse will have access to. But for many superhero fans the big deal is that it will help consolidate the Marvel film rights under one roof. For a long time now, Fox has had the film and TV rights to a number of Marvel IPs, ...


Disney Planning Incredibles Sequel, Cars 3

According to a recent report by Variety, Walt Disney’s CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that Pixar is planning to produce a 3rd installment for its popular Cars franchise as well as a sequel to the breakout hit The Incredibles. Iger confirmed the plans during the company’s shareholders meeting in Portland, Oregon. ...

Trouble Brewing Over at Star Wars Ep. 7

Trouble Brewing Over at Star Wars Ep. 7

It seems like all is not well in the House of Mouse, particularly with regard to one of their biggest acquisitions to date. As reported by, progress on Star Wars Ep. 7 is going a little bit slower than expected (with the script still uncompleted and no major casting announcements to date) despite Disney trumpeting the movie as its marquee release in May 2015. According to ...


No 2D Features in Disney’s Pipeline

A very strong year full of box office blockbusters and awards did very little to quell the concerns raised at the recent shareholders’ meeting at Disney, which was held earlier this week. One of the questions raised was the future of 2D animated features. When asked about the future of 2D animation on the big screen, CEO and Chairman Bob Iger said: “To my knowledge we’re not developing ...

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