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Bolt hits Disney's Blu-ray 3D and DVD Combo Pack on November 8th

Bolt hits Disney’s Blu-ray 3D and DVD Combo Pack on November 8th

Did you like Bolt in 2D? Well, how about in 3D! A simple enough switch, but it brings you just one dimension closer to actually having Bolt running around your living room. That’s the hype, anyway, as Disney brings the CG animated comedy off the big screen and into your home via Disney Blu-ray 3D. The deluxe Combo Pack hits stores on November 8th, where the biggest dog star in ...

So long, Snow White; Disney too Tangled in fairy tales

So long, Snow White; Disney too Tangled in fairy tales

In roughly two weeks, Disney will bring Tangled home to Blu-ray and DVD. As the 50th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, Tangled is a retelling of the classic Grimm Brothers fairy tale Rapunzel. Though it generated over $500 million, it’s lofty $260 million budget makes it the second most expensive film of all time – perhaps enough so to have Disney avoid ...

Disney brings Tangled to Blu-ray and DVD March 29

Disney brings Tangled to Blu-ray and DVD March 29

In a little less than two months, fans around the globe can whip their hair back and forth, as Disney brings Tangled to Blu-ray and DVD. And we’re no longer limited to just “regular Blu-ray” anymore; this modern-day retelling of the classic Rapunzel story will also be available on the new Disney Blu-ray 3D for those of you with 3D TVs out there (and a hand full of goggles!). ...

Tron: Legacy, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, and the Lion King on Disney's Blu-ray 3D

Tron: Legacy, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, and the Lion King on Disney’s Blu-ray 3D

Big things are happening in Disneyland for 2011. Two of Mickey Mouse’s most popular films, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King are getting the Blu-ray and 3D treatment, completely remade for newer home video systems. In addition, two of the newest animated (and quasi-animated) adventures will be getting the same options with Tangled and Tron: Legacy. Apparently, we’re on a ...

Disney and Marvel are now official

Disney and Marvel are now official

Well, the deal we’ve been talking about since last August is now official. Disney and Marvel have become BFFs, linked forever. …or at least before a newer, larger, seemingly-impossible deal takes over them both. However, until that happens, the two will be getting awfully comfy with one another. The $4.3 billion dollar acquisition brings Marvel into the Disney family, adding the ...


More Car Toons

Late last year, Disney and Pixar worked together on a number of short-form, CG animated sketches based on the Cars universe. The episodes, cleverly called Car Toons, featured the film’s various characters in brief little segments, appearing across the Disney Channel, online, and before Disney films, like Bolt. On Friday, November 20th, the first of four new episodes in the series will ...


Bolt …bolts to DVD!

Bolt is already set to hit your home theater in DVD form! Disney Studios Home Entertainment will be releasing the Bolt Blu-ray on Sunday, March 22nd, and the DVD two days later, on Tuesday, March 24th. Some of the bonus content includes: an exclusive short titled Super Rhino, a music video, behind the scenes song recording with John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, and deleted scenes. ...


Tokyo Mater

Disney-Pixar is ready to debut Tokyo Mater, its newest 3D short film.  The animated short is the fourth in the Cars Toons series, and will run as an intro to Disney’s Bolt, which is heading into its fourth weekend, starting December 12th.  If you see Bolt in 3D, then Tokyo Mater will be in 3D — but if you see Bolt in 2D, then Tokyo Mater will be in 2D, also. ...


Bolt has another strong weekend

Bolt had yet another strong weekend in the theaters.  It was not as large as its first or second weekend, but still impressive enough to finish up in third place overall — another $10 million dollars to …dogpile on!  Not bad for Disney’s latest super hero! ...


Things are looking up for Bolt!

Bolt, Disney’s super dog movie, continues to do well in theaters.  While it opened in third place, it made an impressive $26.2 million dollars in it’s opening weekend.  Even more impressive is that it made $26.5 million dollars in it’s second weekend, a few days ago!  Not many movies go up!  With the third weekend just a few days away, who knows how high it could soar!  ...


Reviews are in for Bolt: the game

…and… they don’t look to hot 🙁  Though the super dog did well in theaters over its debut weekend, Bolt’s video game got some poor marks from IGN who said the following: A few good ideas went into Bolt but the execution is all wrong. Playing as Bolt is both annoying and repetitious and Penny’s stealth sections are pointless because of her ability to take down ...

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