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4Kids brings Penelope the blue koala to the world

4Kids brings Penelope the blue koala to the world

Penelope is an adorable blue koala, just as eager to play and learn as she is to get into trouble. In an effort to spread Penelope’s animated series across the globe, 4Kids has recently made plans with the producer, Nippon Animation, signing the CG animated toon to a number of different locations. The show is based on the 48 book titles by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben, published by ...

Cake Entertainment brings Angelo Rules to Super RTL

Cake Entertainment brings Angelo Rules to Super RTL

Cake Entertainment and Super RTL have worked a deal together to bring the 3D animated series Angelo Rules to the German network. The comedy toon, produced by Cake and TeamTO, has already been acquired by Cartoon Network in most regions, though not in the US… yet! Based on the French book series Comment Faire Enrager, by Sylvie de Mathuisieulx and Sebastien Diologent, Angelo Rules ...

Madman Entertainment brings Pearlie to Nickelodeon

Madman Entertainment brings Pearlie to Nickelodeon

Pearlie is a park fairy with a giant-sized heart and a wardrobe to match. Appointed by Fairy HQ, Pearlie keeps Jubilee Park in sparkling order. She’s full of nutty, over the top plans, parties and events for the park and its residents. Jasper is her right hand elf, although he prefers chilling out to real work. There’s also Opal, an outback fairy from Australia sent to learn the ropes of ...

Mademoiselle Zazie, by Cyber Group

Mademoiselle Zazie, by Cyber Group

What’s it like being a girl? What’s it like being a boy? What’s it like being in love when you’re 7? First or all, can you be in love when you’re 7? The doubts, the jealously, the breaking up, the clichés, the friendship, the anger, the despair, the tenderness, the ecstatic-or the simple-moments of happiness… It’s like a whirlwind of soap-opera style emotions, all crammed ...

Nelvana Enterprises' Jane and the Dragon

Nelvana Enterprises’ Jane and the Dragon

Nelvana Enterprises has teamed up with KI.KA in Germany to unleash one of its better animated series upon the network later this spring. The toon, Jane and the Dragon, promises to take viewers on a wild ride with its fresh new story and CG animation that Nelvana co-produced with Weta Productions. The series, based on Martin Baynton’s book series of the same name, follows the comedic ...


Olivia goes global

Ion Falconer’s Olivia books have now grown from paper to prime time TV! Brown Bag Films has brought the new animated series to Nickelodeon International for Italy, as well as Nick channels in Russia, Europe, and South Africa. The series already airs on Nickelodeon in the US, as well as Nick Jr. in the UK. Spread the word!! ...


New episodes of Martha Speaks

PBS Kids! is going to be bringing us five brand new episodes of Martha Speaks, one each day between Monday April 6th and Friday April 10th. The Studio B Productions and WGBH Boston animated series is based on the book series by Susan Meddaugh. ...


Martha Speaks goes global

Decode Enterprises has signed a deal to make Martha Speaks available to kids all over the world.  The series, based on the books by Susan Meddaugh’s, will soon be available on Discovery Kids Latin America, Canal+ Cyfrowy Sp. z o.o. and OP Art in Poland, and the UK’s CBBC, amongst other places.  Anyone watching in those regions? ...

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