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DreamWorks’ Home Overseas Debut Earns $19M

DreamWorks Animation’s Home just had a strong overseas debut as it managed to gross $19.2 million via a number of markets, a full week before its U.S. debut. The total cume includes the U.K., which managed to gross $9.3 million. Russia’s $4.2 million was also included, followed by Spain with $2.4 million and Australia with $2.3 million. The strong opening is good news for DreamWorks Animation, especially since it is going to be the studio’s sole feature film release for this year.

The LEGO Movie Makes $69M During Opening Weekend

Warner Bros. Animation’s latest CG-animated comedy film, The LEGO Movie, managed a very impressive opening weekend take at the box office, achieving over $69 million in ticket sales during the weekend. This puts The LEGO movie in the second spot for the highest opening weekend gross for February, second only to 2004’s The Passion of the Christ.

Despicable Me 2 Dominates the Global Box Office


It seems like Universal/Illumination doesn’t need to wait for the Minions spinoff movie before they start raking in the moolah, as the long 4th of July weekend proved to be a profitable time for Gru and the rest of his crew from Despicable Me 2, which went to the top of the box office and brought in a hefty $82.5 million locally and accrued a total of $142.1 million globally over the holiday period. This also gives the film the biggest 5-day opening for an animated feature and the top 3 day animated opening for July.

Despicable Me 2 Breaks Overseas Box Office Records


It seems like Universal/Illumination is in a really comfortable spot these days. In spite of the fact that Despicable Me 2 has yet to open in the US, the CG animated comedy feature has already made $41.5 million from a mere seven international territories. The film is already at no.4 internationally, only a few million behind Disney/Pixar’s Monsters University, which has already opened in 37 overseas territories (netting $44.2 million in the process.)

Iron Man 3 Becomes Second Highest Debut of All Time

Iron Man 3 Becomes Second Highest Debut of All Time

The Marvel movies seem to be the best thing that ever happened to the comic book giant, as not only did 2012’s The Avengers snag the record for highest debut of all time ($207.4 million), the honor of being the 2nd highest debut of all time was also taken by another Marvel film, the recently released Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3 proved its box office pull last weekend by managing to open to a whopping $175.3 million in North America, while also hitting impressive numbers in foreign territories (managing a $175.9 million box office pull, bringing its total cume to $680.1 million). The film even managed to get big numbers in China, which has always been a tough nut to crack for Hollywood films, to the tune of $63.5 million, making it the top opening film of all time in the country.

Iron Man 3 Beats Avengers’ Opening Record

Iron Man 3 Beats Avengers' Opening Record

Over the week, Disney/Marvel’s Iron Man 3 managed to break The Avengers’ record in Europe during its first week. The third installment in the Iron Man movie franchise managed to bring in over $195.2 million from 42 markets, beating 2012’s The Avengers, which had a $185.1 million opening week. In comparison, Iron Man 2 had a $100 million international opening in 2010.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Opens to a $7 Million Take


As expected, the latest anime movie for the Dragon Ball franchise, Battle of Gods, managed to become the top non-American film overseas during its opening weekend. According to Variety, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods opened across 328 screens in Japan, with 16 of them being IMAX theaters, and managed to earn a total of US $7 million.

Zambesia is South Africa’s Highest Grossing Film


The animated feature Adventures in Zambesia has recently grossed an estimated $18 million worldwide, which makes it the top grossing South African film in the past 30 years. The Triggerfish Animation-produced film was recently sold to French distributor Metropolitan Films, which signed up for both Adventures in Zambesia and Triggerfish’s next animated project, Khumba. Among the other final territories to be licensed on Zambezia were Spain, which went to Big Pictures, and Hungary, which was acquired by ADS Services.

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