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The Iron Giant Set for a Comeback

Warner Bros. Pictures has recently announced that the iconic animated film The Iron Giant will be returning to the big screens, but those of you who are skeptical of remakes and reboots can rest easy, because its return is just a remastered and enhanced version with two new scenes. ...

The Incredibles will get a sequel when Brad Bird feels like it

The Incredibles will get a sequel when Brad Bird feels like it

It seems like a mean thing to say, but the headline is exactly what you can get out of Brad Bird’s recent interview with Bird says that even though The Incredibles is the one film among Pixar’s lineup that is most ripe for a follow up, there is a very good reason why a sequel has not yet materialized. Namely, he hasn’t been working on one. Brad further clarifies that he ...

Disney and Pixar's The Incredibles Review

Disney and Pixar’s The Incredibles Review

For the past ten or fifteen years, it is undeniable how popular CG animated toons have been; the Toy Story franchise, Shrek, How to train your Dragon, Cars, Madagascar, etc, etc. In that same span of time, it is similarly clear that this is also the age of the super hero; The Batman and Dark Knight films, Spider-Man, X-Men and Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. So, in 2004, Disney ...

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