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Cartoon Hangover Presents Bravest Warriors, “Season of the Mitch”

Cartoon Hangover has recently posted the second part of the two-part finale for the web series Bravest Warriors, titled “Season of the Mitch.” As expected of any season finale, especially for a series as epic and groundbreaking as the Bravest Warriors, Season of the Mitch promises excitement and chaos as Beth, Danny and Wallow face off against Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips and the Aeon Worm. You can watch the episode below:

Toon Hero App Launches Social Network BETA

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 20, 2014 – Today, Trigger Happy, the creators of the animated storytelling app Toon Hero, launched their own social network, Users will be able to publish their creations faster and directly on the social network using HTML5 technology with the newly released version 1.4 of the app. A user profile is created, which showcase each of the individual’s creations, and users can gain followers, like and comment on other stories, as well as share them further via Facebook, Tumblr, and/or Twitter.

Toon Hero

“The launch of the site allows us to further expand on our goal, which is to allow aspiring storytellers, filmmakers, voice over talents and animators, to be discovered for their talents,” says CEO of Trigger Happy, Shona Grundy. “We want our users to share their creations with a community of like minded individuals in a way that is easy, social and fun for them,” she adds.

Bravest Warriors’ Second Season to Premiere on Youtube


Season 2 of Frederator Studios’ breakout animated hit Bravest Warriors is debuting today via the Cartoon Hangover Youtube Channel, opening with the special premiere episode titled “Aeon Worm.” The 2nd season premiere will pick up where the season 1 finale “Catbug” left off, with with the secret of the mysterious, unlockable door sent from the See-Through Zone where their parents have been trapped for two years.

The show is widely regarded and has enjoyed an instant fanbase because it was created by Adventure Time’s Pendleton Ward. Season 2 will continue to offer what fans expect from Ward, but they can also expect several quality yarns from Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez and rising star Noelle Stevenson, who is best known for her Internet Comic Nimona. The roll-out of the new season is being supported by a multi-platform social media campaign across YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Google + and Instagram.

Toon Hero App Review; Interview and Demo at NYCC

Toon Hero app demo and interview at NYCC

Toon Hero is an iPad app that makes it easy for anyone to make short animated clips using your favorite characters and backgrounds, and recording your own voice.

Toon Hero app screen

Now you can bring your favorite characters to life with Toon Hero. Create your own story, joke, holiday greeting or create a message to share online with your friends. It is as simple as tapping, dragging and recording your own voice.

Second Season of Bravest Warriors to Debut This Month

bravest warriors season 2

This coming October 17, Frederator Studios will be debuting all new episodes of their popular breakthrough series Bravest Warriors, exclusively on their Cartoon Hangover Youtube channel. The series was created by Emmy-nominated Cartoon Network veteran Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time) and the new season will consist of 12 x 5 minute episodes, with new installments debuting every other Thursday at 4pm ET.

Bravest Warriors follows the unorthodox and futuristic exploits of four teenaged costumed heroes as they trek their way across the universe in order to save all maner of adorable aliens. The quartet gets regular help from various fan favorite characters such as Catbug and Impossibear, and split their time between going on intergalactic adventures and chilling out in their invisible giant robot hideout.

Season Finale of Bravest Warriors – Catbug


Last fall, we saw the launch of Frederator Studios’ own Youtube animation channel, dubbed Cartoon Hangover. The channel featured the adaptation of James Kochalka’s SuperF***rs and Pendleton Ward’s (Adventure Time) Bravest Warriors. Kochalka’s offering got mixed reviews, but Ward’s Bravest Warriors unsurprisingly gained a lot of following and was well-received like his Cartoon Network series.

Bravest Warriors features four teenage heroes for hire warping all over the universe in order to save adorable little aliens. The season finale has just been posted over at the official Cartoon Hangover Youtube channel, but we have embedded it below for you viewing pleasure:

Pendleton Ward Launches Bravest Warriors

Pendleton Ward Launches Bravest Warriors

If you’re a fan of Cartoon Network’s hit comedy series Adventure Time, you owe it to yourself to check out its creator’s new show Bravest Warriors on his new Youtube channel, Cartoon Hangover. The new series is directed by Breehn Burns, who is the co-creator of the popular web short Dr. Tran, and focuses on four teenage heroes for hire who “warp through galaxies to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions!”

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