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Cartoon Super Poster!

Cartoon Wars

Ever try to draw some of your favorite cartoon characters?  What if you tried to draw… all of them?  In a single picture?  It’d be awesome if you could do it…and even more awesome if someone already did all the work for you!  Eric Wiese and Jack Gray did such a thing with dozens of characters that all look great.  Check out the full image after the break and see how many you can name!

Toon Your Vote! Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny?

Toon Your Vote! Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse?

Now THIS is a slugfest.  Perhaps the two biggest icons in animated history.  Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny.  We’ve had a few fun cartoon elections today, but none of them have been as big as this one, and only you can decide who wins!  So, who do you think would make a better President of the United States of America?  Toon your vote!!!  Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse???

Scariest Cartoon Characters #19: Yosemite Sam

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 19 Yosemite Sam

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At #19 for ToonBarn’s scariest cartoon characters is Yosemite Sam. The Looney Tunes characters, like Bugs and Daffy, all have one thing in common – they fear Yosemite Sam. And with good reason! The cowboy bandit is terrifying! He hates anyone and anything that gets in his way, and is willing to shoot at first sight. His fiery temper keeps everyone trembling around him, as you never know when he’ll snap and turn on you!

Though he can often easily be outsmarted, and makes his own silly mistakes, Sam remains one of the scariest cartoon characters on TV because he is so easy to make angry. And if there’s one thing you don’t want, its the roughest, toughest, short and angry Yosemite Sam charging at you, with guns a’blazing!

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