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Cake Gets New Deals Across Latin America

Angelo Rules

London-based children’s and family entertainment outfit Cake has recently announced a slate of new deals they have signed across Latin America, starting with Canal 22 in Mexico, which has renewed rights for the Emmy-nominated Angelo Rules in addition to also picking up the Spanish claymation series Clay Kids.

Over in Ecuador, Oromar TV has acquired over over 180 hours programming from CAKE for their 2014 grid, including successful pre-school titles such as Aesop’s Theater and well-known titles for teens such as the 117 x 22’ Total Drama Franchise.

Cake to Distribute Ella Bella Bingo


Singapore’s August Media Holdings and Norway’s Kool Produktion have recently signed a deal with Cake Entertainment in order to serve as the distributor for the new preschool series Ella Bella Bingo. They have also received an order for an additional 52 episodes of the series.

It was last September when AMH and Kool Produktion partnered in order to co-produce a second season of Ella Bella Bingo, with the companies coming together in order to revamp the creative team. The results are already showing, as the Norwegian broadcaster NRK and the Norwegian Film Institute have optioned an additional 52 episodes of Ella Bella Bingo.

Oscar’s Oasis a ratings hit for Disney, TeamTo, Cake, and Tuba

Oscar's Oasis a ratings hit for Disney, TeamTo, Cake, and Tuba

Cake Entertainment certainly knows how to create a winner! Best case in point is their latest offering, Oscar’s Oasis, a collaboration between Cake, TeamTo, and Tuba Entertainment that tells the story of a lonely lizard who fights through an unforgiving desert terrain and a seemingly endless horde of enemies. From chickens to Popy, Buck, and Harchi, it often seems like Oscar can’t catch a break, despite all his beset efforts to just catch flies and find water. The new CG toon has found a great home on the Disney Channel in many markets, like Asia and Australia, with plans to expand through out Europe and North America soon enough. So, if you’re not one of the lucky few who gets to enjoy one of the 78 new episodes every week, check out these clips and let us know what you think

Oscar’s Oasis heads to Disney, via Cake Entertainment

Oscar's Oasis heads to Disney, via Cake Entertainment

Disney has big plans for Oscar. The lonely, desert-dwelling lizard has the entire world against him – it’s like if the Road Runner lived in an environment with dozens of Wile E. Coyotes. There’s chickens, meerkats, Popy, Buck, Harchi, relentless sun, no water… but Oscar never gives up! His ingenuity and determination help him outwit and avoid the enemies at every turn. Now, the Cake Entertainment, Tuba Entertainment, and TeamTO animated series is working it’s way over to Disney. In some regions, that will be Disney XD, and others will feature the 3D and CG show on the Disney Channel.

Coolabi and Cake team for Lara Jones’ Poppy Cat

Coolabi and Cake team for Lara Jones' Poppy Cat

Animation has a long history of bringing books to life, and the tale (tail?) of Poppy Cat is no different. Originally created by Lara Jones in the international best-selling and award winning book series, Coolabi’s Poppy Cat helps teach the lesson that no problem (no matter how crazy!) is unsolvable. Surrounded by friends like Zuzu, Egbert, Mo, Alma, and Owl, the group uses imagination to fuel their adventures. The mix of 2D and 3D gives the animated series a unique style, and one that Cake Entertainment hopes to spread around the globe, starting with a debut on Nick Jr UK this May. Afterward, look for Poppy Cat on Al Jazeera Children’s Channel, SVT, S4C, EBS Korea, OKTO Singapore, MiniMini Poland, Nickelodeon Australia, TVO, Knowledge Network, NRK, and RTE.

Oscar’s Oasis has Cake Entertainment’s global touch

Oscar's Oasis has Cake Entertainment's global touch

Cake Entertainment sounds like such a delicious name. But the creator of Skunk Fu!, Stoked, Angelo Rules, Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Word Girl doesn’t just sit around and wait for people to visit and try to eat their wonderful name. No, the production company is constantly hard at work on new toons, and bringing those toons worldwide. Take for example their new show, Oscar’s Oasis. Working with TeamTO, Tuba Entertainment, and TF1, Cake will bring Oscar’s Oasis to Cartoon Network Latin America, PT Cipta TPI in Indonesia, Societe Radio Canada, 2×2 Channel, YLE, ATV, S4C Wales, SVT, QTV, MBC, and SFDRS. Is Oscar coming your way?

Bin Weevils scores big with Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

Bin Weevils scores big with Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

One of the coolest aspects about TV today is Video on Demand becoming more and more available. This means, just like looking something up on the internet (even sweet sites like ToonBarn!) you can now tell your TV what you want to watch, and your TV has to listen to you. No fighting, no talking back, it just spits out the content for your entertainment. Bin Weevils is new to the VOD game, but started off in the perfect way, adding tons of shows from Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. This means direct access to lots of toons like Ben 10, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Secret Saturdays, Chowder, iCarly and more. And Bin Weevils isn’t done there! The company plans to add more content from popular cartoon sources, including Cake Entertainment and Decode. What would be on your perfect Video on Demand network?

Coolabi and King Rollo Films bring Poppy Cat to Nick Jr

Coolabi and King Rollo Films bring Poppy Cat to Nick Jr

Soon enough, Nickelodeon will bring fans the world of Poppy Cat, Big Cat, Zuzu, Alma, Mo, Owl, and Bear. Why’s that? Because Coolabi and King Rollo Films are bringing the book series to Nick Jr. The production has already begun, translating Lara Jones Poppy Cat books into animated form and straight to Nick Junior in the UK. The plan is to get the cute little toon on televisions starting early 2011, spreading across the globe shortly after, with Cake Entertainment handling the plans for that. It’s not quite clear yet what the series’ tone will be, but we can turn to the existing books for a cue: Poppy Cat’s Play House, Poppy Cat’s Christmas, Poppy Cat Loves Rainbows, Poppy Cat’s Dream, Poppy Cat’s Sparkly Night, amongst others.

Cake, Tuba, TeamTo and Nickelodeon find their Ooohhh Asis

Cake, Tuba, TeamTo and Nickelodeon find their OoohhhAsis

An oasis is described as a calming, beautiful, peaceful place of happiness in the midst of trouble, typically represented by a luxurious body of water and greenery in the center of a scorched desert. Ooohhh Asis is described as a lizard, chickens, meerkats, a fox, a hyena, a dog, and a vulture. …not exactly the same. But that’s how the mega team of Tuba Entertainment, TeamTo Production, Cake Entertainment, and Nickelodeon wanted things! Oscar, the lizard, tries to make a living in this dangerous desert world, through cacti, dust storms, and various rocky cliffs. But if it was easy, it wouldn’t be fun!! Take a look at this sneak peek clip, and let us know what you think of this new CG, 3D animated series

Total Drama World Tour hits Cartoon Network on June 21st

Total Drama World Tour hits Cartoon Network on June 21st

Cartoon Network has set an official departure date for the third season in the popular Total Drama franchise; the latest animated realty series Total Drama World Tour will kick off on Monday, June 21st, at 9pm. Once again, the series will be hosted by Chris McLean, and featuring 17 contestants, new and old, competing their way to the trophy — even including Duncan, the winner of Total Drama Action. Produced by Cake Entertainment, Cartoon Network is expecting big things from the series, especially in the wake of the very popular Total Drama Action and Total Drama Island. Take a look at the newest sneak peek

Cake Entertainment brings Angelo Rules to Super RTL

Cake Entertainment brings Angelo Rules to Super RTL

Cake Entertainment and Super RTL have worked a deal together to bring the 3D animated series Angelo Rules to the German network. The comedy toon, produced by Cake and TeamTO, has already been acquired by Cartoon Network in most regions, though not in the US… yet! Based on the French book series Comment Faire Enrager, by Sylvie de Mathuisieulx and Sebastien Diologent, Angelo Rules features the twelve-year-old controlling his life through elaborate and comic strategies, based on his observations about human behavior. Thankfully, he doesn’t go it alone, and instead gets a little help from his friends Sherwood and Lola, to sweet-talk and work his way around his various adversaries.

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