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Redakai Brings Christmas Cheer to Canal J

Redakai Brings Christmas Cheer to Canal J

Canal J has just launched an online holiday contest that will award 100 amazing Redakai TCG boxed sets to fans of the hit animated action series. The contest will culminate in a five-episode mini marathon of the cartoon on Canal J on Christmas Eve. Canal J’s Redakai competition will run from December 3rd to December 23, and contestants participate by playing an online game on Canal ...

My Life Me heads to KI.KA Der Kinderkanal

Classic Media brings My Life Me to KI.KA Der Kinderkanal

My Life Me is an animated comedy about budding manga aficionado named Birch Small. This shy student skews the tale of her success (or the lack thereof) with the difficulty of navigating through high school. Birch spends much of her time knee-deep in the world of animation (kinda like us!), specifically anime. Her goal in life is to become a professional comic book artist, which was much ...


Dinosaur King gets T-Rex-sized coverage

In an effort to bring Dinosaur King to as many fans as possible, 4Kids has signed a number of deals with networks around the world for the hit animated series and trading card game. Amongst the networks are Lagardere Networks’ Gulli TV and Canal J in France, Network Ten in Australia, RedeTV in Brazil, Orlando Kids in the Balkans region, and Canal Panda in Portugal. 4Kids has also inked a ...


Code Lyoko

For the fans who have been watching Code Lyoko, consider yourself lucky. However, for those of you that haven’t yet, Moonscoop and Warner Home Video are hoping to change all that, as they bring DVDs of the series to fans everywhere. The France 3, Clan TVE, and Cartoon Network series is about five boarding school students (Aelita Hopper, Jeremy Belpois, Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich Stern, and ...



Cartoon Network Asia has recently signed Nerd Corp Entertainment’s animated series League of Super Evil (aka L.O.S.E.) to appear across the network. The toon is scheduled to start up in 2010 on Cartoon Network in more than 25 countries, including India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and China. Nerd Corps will air 30-second shorts as a bonus to hype the evil!. The League of ...


My Life Me

TV-Loonland is showing off its latest animated series called My Life Me. The cartoon is a co-production between TV-Loonland and Carpe Diem Film & TV. According to reports, the series is ready to go on Canada’s Teletoon and France’s France 2 and Canal J. Stay TOONed for more details! ...


Finally, Evil will win! The League of Super Evil!

Well… ok, they wont win. But they’ll try real, real hard! League of Super Evil will debut this month on Cartoon Network. The Nerd Corps Entertainment series will be on not once, not twice, not three times… but four times a week, with new episodes kicking it off on Monday evenings. L.O.S.E. will also be starting up in Canada on YTV, the UK on CBBC, Jetix in Latin America, ...


The League of Super Evil

Nerd Corps has long since been on its quest for world domination, and will continue to do so via its 3D animated series The League of Super Evil.  In 2009, viewers will be able to enjoy the series in Latan America on Jetix, and Canal +, Canal J and Gulli in France.  This is all part of the same plan that sees the show airing on YTV in Canada and CBBC in the UK.  Between battling obnoxious ...

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