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TeamTO Starts Production on My Knight and Me

French CG studio TeamTO has recently announced the start of prouction on the original animated series My Knight and Me. The 52 x 11 medieval comedy is targeted twards kids aged 6 to 11 and will be co-produced by Thuristar, with participation of broadcasters Canal+ Family, Teletoon+, Super RTL, VRT-Ketnet, RTBF-Ouftivi and distributor Cake Entertainment. My Knight and Me follows the adventures of ...


Hard Apple – a Animated Detective Series, is now being Produced By Canal+ (France)

Looking to explore different genre and worlds, French pay TV giant Canal Plus is joining forces with American filmmaker James Gray to foray into “Hard Apple,” an adult-skewing animated series. Gray, whose latest movie, the Marion Cotillard starrer “The Immigrant,” opened in competition at Cannes, will serve as executive producer and will supervise all creative aspects of the series, ...


Canal+ France Acquires Monster Entertainment’s I’m a Dinosaur

Canal+ France has recently secured the rights to Monster Entertainment’s 52 x 2 animated series I’m a Dinosaur, which was produced by Canada’s Huminah Huminah Animation. The series will be aired by Piwi+ under the theme “1 hour, 1 dino.” I’m a Dinosaur was also recently picked up by Discovery Networks and is being broadcast across Asian territories. I’m a Dinosaur will feature 52 ...

Canimals heads to France, from BRB, Aardman, and Vooz

Canimals heads to France, from BRB, Aardman, and Vooz

When a group of animated critters get together on various adventures, especially those that interact with the real world, seems like a lot can go wrong. But “can” is a very key phrase here … especially when the critters are can-shaped, themselves. That’s the premise of Canimals, a new toon courtesy of BRB International, Aardman, and Vooz Club. The 3D and CG series will ...

Cartoon Network and 9 Story Entertainment bare Almost Naked Animals

Cartoon Network and 9 Story Entertainment bare Almost Naked Animals

Later this year, Cartoon Network gets naked. Er, Naked Animals. …wait, that’s not better! Cartoon Network gets Almost Naked Animals, which is an animated comedy from 9 Story Entertainment. Phew! The two companies recently got together to ink a deal that will bring the toon to audiences later this year. The Almost Naked Animals series revolves around a group of underwear clad ...

Rastamouse goes global via DHX Media

Rastamouse goes global via DHX Media

The all-mouse reggae band, “Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew”, has already had such a big impact to the local audience (even beyond Mouseland’s Nuff Song Recording Studio) that DHX Media decided it was time to bring the rockers around the world! Soon, folks can pick up the stop motion toon on ABC TV, Canal+, HOP!, and others. Along with Cbeebies, Three Stones Media with Dinamo ...

Little Airplane Productions drops Small Potatoes on France

Little Airplane Productions drops Small Potatoes on France

Imagine a perfect world, where a group of adorable little starches can get together, dream, and sing. Sounds like a utopia, right? An almost literal Garden of Eden! Small Potatoes takes that idea to heart, with a toon that follows four potatoes with amazing personality, who work together writing songs in every episode. The Potatoes made their debut when their song “Imagination (Give it ...

Nick brings Fanboy & Chum Chum to Europe

Nick brings Fanboy & Chum Chum to Europe

Nickelodeon’s popular CG faux superhero toon Fanboy & Chum Chum is starting to gain some speed. The series has already made a huge splash locally, dominating the ratings across the American time slots. Now, Nick’s hope is to spread the joy across the globe, as MTV Networks International starts signing deals with locations all over the planet. First up are locations like ...

Bolts and Blip getting ready for the tube

Bolts and Blip getting ready for the tube

CJ Entertainment and ToonBox Entertainment (that’s a lot of entertainment) are working together on a brand new 3D and HD animated series named Bolts and Blip. We first got wind of the production about a year ago, but so much has changed and evolved in that span of time. ABC, Teletoon, KBS, Canal +, and TV3 are amongst the early adopters of the toon, with the hopes of debuting the very ...


Almost Naked Animals

9 Story Entertainment sure has a lot of weird ideas for toons! The latest adventure, Almost Naked Animals, gives viewers a look into the lives of a group of animals whom are, accurately enough, almost naked. Basically, it’s a colleciton of mammals, reptiles, and birds in their undies! The portrayal is a group of friends who are comfortable in their own skin, cool with who they are. The ...


Log Jam

Aardman Rights has signed up to bring Studio Baestarts animated short series Log Jam to the world. They’ve already agreed to work with Nickelodeon in some countries and Canal+ for France. The shorts are set in a forest, and star a bear, a wolf and a rabbit. The group loves to make music with their homemade instruments, but is constantly interrupted by a hunter who is out to get them. ...



Cartoon Network Asia has recently signed Nerd Corp Entertainment’s animated series League of Super Evil (aka L.O.S.E.) to appear across the network. The toon is scheduled to start up in 2010 on Cartoon Network in more than 25 countries, including India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and China. Nerd Corps will air 30-second shorts as a bonus to hype the evil!. The League of ... now has 2 pages of news and games!12

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