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Canimals Make Their Way to Hulu Kids

BRB Internacional has recently unleashed their hit animated comedy series Canimals on the Hulu Kids streaming service. The complete series, which consists of 52 x 7 minute episodes, will be made available through the free, ad-supported Hulu and subscription service Hulu Plus, where users can also find other BRB titles such as Bernard, Suckers, and Angus & Cheryl. ...


2013 Seoul Character & Licensing Fair

There’s just under a week to go until COEX opens its doors for the 10th Seoul Character & Licensing Fair. Catered to suit B2B and fans, SCLF 2013 will be open to the general public from the 17th to the 21st of July.  It is a huge event that has been billed as Asia’s biggest Licensing Market with over 130,000 participants. So if you’re in Seoul, Korea come along. ...

PlayPlus Launches Canimals Facebook Hub

PlayPlus Launches Canimals Facebook Hub

Social game developer PlayPlus has just launched Cantasia on Facebook, which is a new kid-friendly social gaming hub based on the stereoscopic 3D property Canimals. Cantasia will be bringing together several characters from the Aardman Animations, Voozclub, and BRB Internacional series to the US for the first time. Cantasia will let kids customize their own Cantasia cities and complete different ...

Aardman's Canimals Debuts on CITV

Aardman’s Canimals Debuts on CITV

Aardman’s CG-animated series Canimals has made its debut on UK’s CITV last Monday, September 3. Co-produced with BRB International and Vooz Club, the 44 x 7 series focuses on the adventures of a group of can-shaped animals that cause mischief and mayhem in the real world. The show is targeted towards kids aged 6 to 10. ...

Canimals heads to France, from BRB, Aardman, and Vooz

Canimals heads to France, from BRB, Aardman, and Vooz

When a group of animated critters get together on various adventures, especially those that interact with the real world, seems like a lot can go wrong. But “can” is a very key phrase here … especially when the critters are can-shaped, themselves. That’s the premise of Canimals, a new toon courtesy of BRB International, Aardman, and Vooz Club. The 3D and CG series will ...

Voozclub, Aardman, and Screen 21 introduce the Curious Canimals

Voozclub, Aardman, and Screen 21 introduce the Curious Canimals

Curious Canimals; if the series title wasn’t clue enough, they’re cans with animal faces. Often times, with scoops of ice cream, and cones, piled on top of their heads. Certainly one of the stranger descriptions of a cartoon we’ve ever heard, but they’re cute and silly enough that I think they pull it off quite nicely! The toon is the work of several different ...

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