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Jake and the Never Land Pirates welcomes David Arquette

Jake and the Never Land Pirates welcomes David Arquette

Consider the pirate group “+1” for Disney’s upcoming Jake and the NeverLand Pirates cartoon, as David Arquette joins the voice cast. Disney Television Animation’s upcoming series, based on the Peter Pan universe, follows the adventures of Captain Hook, Smee, and a crew of kid pirates led by the courageous Jake. Arquette will star as Skully, the parrot who helps Jake and ...

Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Disney Television Animation is bringing fans a new cartoon series, mixing CG animation with the world of Peter Pan. The results; Jake and the Never Land Pirates. The original music-filled series follows Jake and his pirate friends (and parrot!) as they travel through Never Land in search of lost treasures. The group learns teamwork and tests their problem solving skills to outsmart Captain ...


The 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters

Go now! The Halloween spirit is in the air! No, I mean it literally! Look, there’s ghosts floating all around! But that’s OK, there just here to see ToonBarn’s awesome Halloween-themed list, the 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters of all time. There are tons of creepy and spooky villains, even frightening monsters or demons that we’re ever so thankful are animated. Or, ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #20: Captain Hook

« Back Next »   Starting off the list at #20 of the all time scariest cartoon characters is Captain Hook, of Peter Pan fame. Disney is famous for featuring some of cartoon history’s greatest, scariest villains. Some of the greatest ones are mentioned here in this ToonBarn list, but you’ll get to those soon enough. For now, special mention must be made to the villain that ... now has 2 pages of news and games!12

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