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Care Bears TV Reboot on the Way

Care Bears TV Reboot on the Way

According to a recent Variety report, American Greeting Properties is currently preparing a new TV Reboot of the cuddly favorites The Care Bears, which will coincide with their 30th anniversary. The Care Bears reboot will be targeted towards girls aged 2 to 7, and will feature updates on the characters, which will help the series connect with children without alienating parents who were fans of ...

Care Bears Plush Toy

Belgium gets free Care Bears plushies courtesy of Unilever

Care Bears is one of the most memorable non-violent cartoons from the 80s, kids loved it because it has cute anthromorphic bears fighting evil, and parents loved it for their kids because said bears fought evil using nothing but hugs and the power of love. Now, kids will get a chance to have their own Care Bears plush toys due to a free plush toy promotion from American Greetings Properties and ...

AGP plans Care Bears return for 30th anniversary

AGP plans Care Bears return for 30th anniversary

The Care Bears are back! Or… they will be! The group of emotionally powerful bears were originally created by American Greetings Properties in the early 1980s for use on greeting cards. Only a few years later, the cards’ popularity warranted a toy line, complete with top selling Care Bear plush teddy bears. It wasn’t long until they figured an animated series would do well, ...

Turner's Cartoonito set to launch across Europe

Turner’s Cartoonito set to launch across Europe

Cartoonito. Like, a little cartoon. Who is a guy? I don’t know, my Spanish isn’t that great. All I know is, it means there will be more toons, and more fun, coming our way. In September, Turner Broadcasting will launch the new channel across Europe, Africa, and sections of the Middle East. In the meantime, Cartoonito will debut as a programming block on Cartoon Network, sort of ...

Care Bears Stare at credit cards

Care Bears Stare …at credit cards

During their animated reign, we remember the Care Bears going up against a number of villains, obstacles, and otherwise harsh conditions. Professor Coldheart, Frostbite, Auntie Freeze, Wizard No Heart, Beastly, Shreeky, Dr. Fright, Sour Sam, Nicholas, Evil Spirit, Dark Heart, The Wizard of Wonderland, Dim and Dumb, the Rat King, Evil Vizier, Sir Funnybone, Grizzle, and WingNut were just some of ...

Cartoon Network grabs some love from the Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake

Cartoon Network grabs some love from the Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake

It’s never a wise thing to ask a girl her age, but Strawberry Shortcake is proud of nearing 35 years old. The Care Bears are closing in on the same pace, hitting 30 next year. Between the two of them, that’s more than six decades of animated fun, shared to the world from AGP – American Greetings Properties. In a quest to get in on the birthday celebrations, Cartoon Network ...


Care Bears share their …products. …in pairs!

The Care Bears are back in style, and so should all of their products! American Greetings Properties will be signing new deals with Segal Licensing to develop clothing, accessories, and shoes for the cute and cuddly lil bears. In addition, Brewster Wallpaper Corp. will develop room decorations, Imperial Toys will work on Care Bear themed water toys, and Jakks Pacific will bring us kites based ...


Care Bears: Adventures In Care A-Lot

The Care Bears will be getting all sorts of love in 2009!  Amongst the festivities will include a new TV series called Care Bears: Adventures In Care A-Lot.  There will also be a new CGI animated movie set to debut in the fall.  Special access has also been granted to Lionsgate to release DVDs of the classic Care Bears episodes from American Greetings Properties. ...


Care Bears Flurries of Fun

Care Bears Flurries of Fun will be hitting DVD on October 7, 2008.  The release from Fox Home Entertainment includes three caring adventures including Oopsy Does It, Grizzle-ly Adventures and Ups and ...

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