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Sony and Cartoon Hangover Partner for Go! Cartoons

Sony Pictures Animation has recently announced a new deal with Cartoon Hangover’s Fred Seibert in order to launch a new idea incubator project named GO! Cartoons. Designed to provide emerging artists with much-needed opportunities, Go! Cartoons will turn the artists ideas into animated shorts that will debut on Seibert’s Cartoon Hangover Youtube Channel, giving it exposure to more than 1.3 ...


Frederator Boosts Online Network with 200 Toon Channels

The Channel Frederator Network is part of the new breed of entertainment networks that have succeeded in tapping the potential of the Internet as a distribution medium. Over the course of June and July, the network managed to boost its library with over 200 new channels. Since the Frederator network focuses on animated content, it is not suprising that they have signed mostly animated channels, ...


Cartoon Hangover Presents New Cartoon, MANLY

Frederator’s Cartoon Hangover channel has just posted a new cartoon short titled “MANLY.” The MANLY short was created by Adventure Time storyboard artist and write Jesse Moynihan along with his brother Justin Moynihan, who is a musician and composer for Adventure Time. The duo describes the short as “Silver Surfer meets Star Trek Next Generation, with the violence of Fist of the North ...


Cartoon Hangover presents “Chainsaw Richard”

It’s a little bit early for Halloween, but Cartoon Hangover and Feel Afraid’s Christopher Reineman is bringing the scares early via a new animated short titled Chainsaw Richard. The cute, atmospheric short asks the question: how badly do you want to see a burly man with chainsaws? If you’re Tiny Ghost or his friend Ramses, the answer is VERY BAD. I mean, bad enough that you’d go through a ...


Cartoon Hangover Presents Bravest Warriors, “Season of the Mitch”

Cartoon Hangover has recently posted the second part of the two-part finale for the web series Bravest Warriors, titled “Season of the Mitch.” As expected of any season finale, especially for a series as epic and groundbreaking as the Bravest Warriors, Season of the Mitch promises excitement and chaos as Beth, Danny and Wallow face off against Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips and the Aeon Worm. You ...


The Awesomeness that is Catbug

If you watch Bravest Warriors then you’ll know all about Catbug, and chances are you love him to death. What’s not to like about the little guy? He’s a flying blue lady bug-cat. That fact alone should make you want to run out of your house and buy all the plushies. But what really has people coming back is his over all personality. The concept behind Catbug’s character is so ...


Cartoon Hangover Breaks One Million Subscriber Barrier

Frederator Studios’ hit Youtube channel, Cartoon Hangover, has recently broken the one million subscriber record, and is actually the second original funded Youtube channel to do so within the first year of its inception. The Cartoon Hangover channel was originally launched in in November 2012 by industry veteran Fred Seibert (Adventure Time, The Fairly Oddparents), managing over 17 million ...


Frederator Studios Announces Development of Bee and PuppyCat

Fresh off the announcement of Brave Warriors’ second season, Frederator Studios is back in the headlines with the announcement that they have already begun development on the new animated series ‘Bee and PuppyCat’. Fans of Frederator Studios’ Cartoon Hangover Youtube channel will remember it via the original two part short animated film of the same name, which debuted on ...


Bravest Warriors’ Second Season to Premiere on Youtube

Season 2 of Frederator Studios’ breakout animated hit Bravest Warriors is debuting today via the Cartoon Hangover Youtube Channel, opening with the special premiere episode titled “Aeon Worm.” The 2nd season premiere will pick up where the season 1 finale “Catbug” left off, with with the secret of the mysterious, unlockable door sent from the See-Through Zone where ...

Pendleton Ward Launches Bravest Warriors

Pendleton Ward Launches Bravest Warriors

If you’re a fan of Cartoon Network’s hit comedy series Adventure Time, you owe it to yourself to check out its creator’s new show Bravest Warriors on his new Youtube channel, Cartoon Hangover. The new series is directed by Breehn Burns, who is the co-creator of the popular web short Dr. Tran, and focuses on four teenage heroes for hire who “warp through galaxies to save ...

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