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Numberblocks to Debut on CBeebies

Blue Zoo Animation Studio, which is known for the critically acclaimed and BAFTA-nominated series Alphablocks, will be debuting another educational animated show on CBeebies. Dubbed “Numberblocks,” the new series is the brainchild of Joe Elliot and Blue Zoo, and serves as a companion series to Alphablocks. Numberblocks works similarly to Alphablocks, but instead of teaching children how to ...


Snapper Productions Signed Deal with Abbey Home For Q Poottle 5

Abbey Home Media has made a deal with Snapper Productions for the U.K. home entertainment rights to Q Pootle 5, an animated preschool series. Abbey Home Media will release Pootle the Explorer’s first DVD on April 11. It features 7 episodes from the British Animation Award-nominated series which broadcasts in the U.K. on CBeebies. Q Pootle 5 is based on the best-selling books by Nick ...


Hey Duggee is Set for Its Second Season

BBC Worldwide has recently ordered the second season of the popular animated children’s series, Hey Duggee, from Studio AKA. The 52-episode order is placed on behalf of CBeebies international channels and its prospective clients. In the UK, Kay Benbow, CBeebies Controller has ordered the second season of Hey Duggee for the channel. The series follows the story of ‘The Squirrel Club’, lead ...


Everything’s Rosie Reaches 100 Million Hits on Youtube

V&S Entertainment is proud of its CG preschool series Everything’s Rosie, which has recently hit a milestone on Youtuube: over 100 million hits all over the globe. The official Everything’s Rosie Youtube channel is one of a number of big name franchises that have recognized the value of the streaming platform, having launched its English and Spanish language streams in 2014, followed by ...


Raydar Media to Present Over New Children’s Content at MIPJunior

Indie distribution and production outfit Raydar Media will be heading to MIP Junior armed with over 75 episodes’ worth of new children’s content. The catalogue of properties that they will bring will contain high profile brands such as ABC Kids’ Sydney Sailboat and CBeebies’ new live action adventure series Teacup Travels. “We’re looking forward to bringing these innovative and ...


CBBC, CBeebies Commission JAM’s Little Roy and its Spin-Off

Dublin’s JAM Media has got a good deal going on right now, scoring a cross-over commission from both CBBC and its CBeebies arm for the live-action/animation hybrid series Little Roy, spurred on by the success of the preschool series Roy, which is currently airing on CBBC. Little Roy focuses on the titular 5 year old boy as he goes on a journey of self discovery through imaginative play. The ...


Cbeebies Launches New Live Action/CG Show, Messy Goes to Okido

This coming September 7, BBC’s Cbeebies will be premiering a new hybrid live action/CG hybrid series titled Messy Goes to Okido. The show is based on the popular kids’ arts and science magazine OKIDO and will feature comedic and educational episodes that showcase a bunch of inquisitive, lovable monsters. Messy Goes to Okido is targeted towards preschoolers and was produced in Squint/Opera’s ...


Sarah & Duck to Return for 3rd Season

BBC Worldwide and Cbeebies have recently ordered another set of episodes for the BAFTA-winning preschool series Sarah & Duck from Karrot Entertainment. The new batch of season consists of 40 x 7 minute episodes, marking the series 3rd season and bringing its total number of episodes to 120. The order for the new season is very timely, as Sarah and Duck have recently pushed forward with ...


Cbeebies Orders Third Season of Tree Fu Tom

Cbeebies has recently ordered a 3rd season of the hit preschool adventure series Tree Fu Tom, with plans to debut the 20 x 22 season in 2016. The 3rd season is not surprising, given that the series has been a hit all over the globe since its 2012 debut, garnering praise as it was broadcast in over 120 territories. ...


Cbeebies Reveals Q Pootle 5 Xmas Special

After a successful first season, Snapper Productions’ out of this world animated series Q Pootle 5 has just secured a deal with CBeebies, which gives the network the UK rights to the show’s Christmas special, Pootle All the Way. The 27 minute holiday episode is scheduled to air as part of Cbeebies’ Holiday lineup. Pootle All the Way follows Q Pootle 5 and his friends as they get ready to ...


Plug-In Media Inks Deal With Cbeebies for Tee and Mo

After the successful debut of Plug-In Media’s first original IP, Tee and Mo, on the digital platform, the studio is bringing the project to the small screens by inking a deal with Cbeebies, which will see the IP developed into a 50 x 7 animated TV series. The channel has also committed to expanding the brand’s presence in the digital space over the course of two years by offering related ...


Teletubbies to Return via CG

DHX Media is reportedly going to bring back Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La, and Po – collectively known as the Teletubbies. Only this time, the popular live-action preschool series will get a little bit of help from CGI via the UK production company Darrall Macqueen. DHX Media is said to be planning 60 new episodes for the new series, which will be carried by Cbeebies. ... now has 5 pages of news and games!12345

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