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Hit Entertainment and Nelvana Studio introduce Mike the Knight

Hit Entertainment and Nelvana Studio introduce Mike the Knight

When Alexander Bar realized there wasn’t enough animated attention being paid to castles, dragons, magic, and the whole world of adventures, he came up with the perfect solution: Mike the Knight. Bringing the concept to Hit Entertainment, who later joined forces with Nelvana Studio, have helped bring the idea to life, as they proudly develop the CG animated series. The toon is set in the ...

Chuggington season two heads to Playhouse Disney

Chuggington season two heads to Playhouse Disney

Looks like the Ludorum CG animated series is heading back down the tracks to Disney. The first season has been riding high in the US on the various Disney outlets, just as it has in the UK on the BBC’s CBeebies. With that in mind, Disney announced they’ll gladly be showcasing a second season on Playhouse Disney, starting this coming January. Whether it’s freight cars loading ...

Rastamouse aims to set up shop on CBeebies, mon

Rastamouse aims to set up shop on CBeebies, mon

If The Rastamouse Company knows one thing, it’s how to promote Rastamouse. It’s all in the name! The concept started with a book series by Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster, about a Rastafarian Mouse and his pals Scratchy and Zoomer, featuring tales written in rhyme with a Caribbean accent. Now, the idea has been picked up by CBeebies, who then tapped a super team of ...

Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!

Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!

HIT Entertainment’s new Bob the Builder series, Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!, launched recently on CBeebies in the UK. The CG animated toon will air every weekday at 8:40 AM, nice and early for the early risers! There’s a number of new facets to this toon, including an entirely new look, as well as the team’s new home, Fixham Harbour. New characters will also be ...

Guess with Jess to Treehouse

Guess with Jess to Treehouse

Treehouse is welcoming yet another toon to its family of animation; Guess with Jess. The Classic Media series will air daily across Treehouse in Canada, flashing it’s high quality CG animation and educational background across your screens. The series made its debut launch on BBC’s CBeebies last year, where it was warmly received by legions of new fans. Now, along with additions ...

Timmy Time is back for more episodes

Timmy Time is back for more episodes

CBeebies said to Aardman Animation “hey, we want more of that Timmy Time show” and Aardman replied “ok, sure!” Well, at least, that’s how it could have gone, for all we know. What we do know is that there will be 26 more episodes than the original 52 to bump up the series. All new licensing deals will coincide with the animated series, which is slated to begin ...


Wibbly Pig making a splash

9 Story Entertainment is hard at work to bring us a brand new animated series called Wibbly Pig. We’ve been hearing bits and pieces from the toon, based on Mick Inkpen’s book series, since earlier this year. The series is noted as being a child’s introduction to simple ideas through basic questions. What kind of questions? We’re talking the basics here: do you like ...


Everything’s Rosie

Last year, CBeebies grabbed the first season of the CG animated series Everything’s Rosie. Now, they’re coming back for more! The network has agreed to show the second season of the VGI Entertainment toon, as well. The first episodes will debut in the spring of 2010, with the newly-ordered second season to start up afterward. Everything’s Rosie is about a “21st century ...


Chuggington pulls into the US

Ludorum and the Disney Channel are bringing Chuggington to the US. The main characters are the “trainees” (trains in training!) Koko, Wilson and Brewster, who are learning about the railway. The CG animated series will launch on Disney Channel’s Playhouse Disney next spring, bringing along the new season of Chuggington that will also air on CBeebies in the UK. ...


Guess with Jess

Classic Media is bringing it’s newest animated series, Guess with Jess, to as many broadcast networks around the world as possible. The CG toon is about Jess the cat and his friends as they explore the world around them – from the animal’s point of view. So far, the media group which co-produces the series with Nelvana, has signed a deal with MNET in South Africa, MBC in the ...


Zigby – The Zebra Who Trots Into Trouble

BBC’s CBeebies will soon have a new 3D animated series called Zigby. The Studi0100 Media cartoon is based on Brian Paterson’s Zigby books, Zigby – The Zebra Who Trots Into Trouble. No word yet as to when the series will debut on CBeebies, but stay TOONed right here for more info! ...

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