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Rainbow and Lisle Partner for New Animated Series, 44 Cats

Rainbow recently signed a partnership deal with Lisle Licensing in order to help grow a new music-driven animated property titled 44 Cats. The series consists of 52 x 13 episodes, and will cover the U.K. territory. 44 Cats already debuted last March 4 on Nick Jr., and its momentum will see it debut on more platforms. PopTV is confirmed as one of these new partners, listing 44 Cats for premiere ...


Transformers: The Last Knight International Trailer Released

The international trailer for the upcoming Transformers film (the fifth one at that, and possibly Michael Bay’s last) has just been released, showing off a bunch of footages from the movie that one can only describe as “full of explosions.” Because what else can you expect from a Bay film? There are a few key details that are revealed, though – first is that they refer to Grimlock by ...


CAKE Preps Season 2 Launch of Space Racers

UK-based kids’ entertainment company CAKE has recently announced the season 2 launch of the hit animated preschool series Space Racers. Produced by Space Race LLC, the 2nd season consists of 40 x 11 episodes and will premiere on NBC Universal’s Sprout in the US, where it is currently enjoying the No. 2 spot for kids aged 2-11 since its November debut. The second season of Space Racers will ...


Underappreciated Toons: Firebreather

With the sheer amount of cartoons out there, it’s no surprise that quality will be all over the place. As with most things, once you increase the volume you’re bound to get a lot of the bad alongside a lot of the good. It’s also normal for some of the good to get swept by the wayside, probably not good enough to float to the top but definitely not enough of a stinker to be noticed by people ...


The Weta Effect Video From StoryBrain is Mostly Bunk but the reason isnt that CGI is everywhere.

  The real reason is that CGI is being squeezed too thin. Some aspects of StoryBrains theory is correct. However this is the similar misinformation that now pervades a majority of sites with a majority of views (and videos too). The real issue is news stories like this: We are delighted to confirm the merger of Prime Focus World (PFW) and Double Negative (DNeg) in an agreement that will ...


BENT Image Lab Produces New Animated Short of Hallmark

Internationally acclaimed animation and digital arts studio BENT Image Lab has recently announced the release of a new original holiday short for Hallmark. Titled ‘Polariffic: Yeti or Not,’ the short is set in the North Pole and focuses on a quartet of Arctic friends on a journey. The characters in the holiday short consist of Snowby, a gentle polar bear, Jaz, who is a be-bopping penguin, ...


Teletubbies to Return via CG

DHX Media is reportedly going to bring back Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La, and Po – collectively known as the Teletubbies. Only this time, the popular live-action preschool series will get a little bit of help from CGI via the UK production company Darrall Macqueen. DHX Media is said to be planning 60 new episodes for the new series, which will be carried by Cbeebies. ...

CGI Monopoly Commercial For The Maryland Lottery

CGI Monopoly Commercial For The Maryland Lottery

Click 3X has recently made a CG-animated spot for the Maryland Lottery’s MONOPLY scratch-off ticket, which brings the iconic board game’s dog game piece to Computer Generated life. Helmed by Click 3X CGI Director and Creative Director Anthony Filipakis, the spot came to the studio via REJ & Associates, Inc., GKV. The commercial features the scottish terrier game piece standing ...

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