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BENT Image Lab Produces New Animated Short of Hallmark

Internationally acclaimed animation and digital arts studio BENT Image Lab has recently announced the release of a new original holiday short for Hallmark. Titled ‘Polariffic: Yeti or Not,’ the short is set in the North Pole and focuses on a quartet of Arctic friends on a journey.

The characters in the holiday short consist of Snowby, a gentle polar bear, Jaz, who is a be-bopping penguin, Flitter the nimble arctic fox, and Cupcake the thoughtful baby seal. When they encounter a young friendly Yeti named Charlie, the four friends are faced with the challenge of overcoming their fear of the creature in order to learn to trust and save themselves.

CGI Monopoly Commercial For The Maryland Lottery

CGI Monopoly Commercial For The Maryland Lottery

Click 3X has recently made a CG-animated spot for the Maryland Lottery’s MONOPLY scratch-off ticket, which brings the iconic board game’s dog game piece to Computer Generated life. Helmed by Click 3X CGI Director and Creative Director Anthony Filipakis, the spot came to the studio via REJ & Associates, Inc., GKV.

The commercial features the scottish terrier game piece standing on a broad tabletop, and as the music score starts, the game piece springs to life and pounces toward a pair of lottery tickets and pawing at the scratch card. The animal then continues to bop across the landscape, dancing, spinning, and even moonwalking his way through the spot.

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