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Bleach Chapter 563 Recap: Super Star Never Die

Bleach Chapter 563 Recap

Chapter 563 of Bleach picks up where the last one left off, with Mask de Masculine bisected by Renji. However, we get the sudden yet unsurprising swerve that Mask isn’t dead yet. It turns out his “fan,” James isn’t as well. The little fan, who was cut up into pieces last chapter, has its pieces all transforming into smaller versions of James. Their combined cheers gives Mask de Masculine another power up – one that turns his luchadore mask black, and changes his costume into nothing but black trunks, gloves, and a wrestling belt.

Mask then remembers that Renji was the weak shinigami that he dropkicked during their first invasion of soul society, and commended the lieutenant for improving greatly in terms of power, as well as for being one of the few to witness his full powered state. Renji just expresses his surprise that the sternritter has been fighting him for quite a while without even recognizing him at first.

One Piece Chapter 733 Recap: What Mr. Soldier Wants

One Piece Chapter 733 Recap

Chapter 733 of One Piece, titled What Mr. Soldier Wants, starts by showing how Rebecca is doing at the tournament, which is badly – against someone referred to as the “Decapitator Slayman.” There’s also the fact that there are other strong fighters in her block, including the pirate Cavendish (whom you will remember is strong enough to go toe to toe with a non-serious Luffy a few chapters before).

Then the chapter shifts focus to Ussop, Robin, and the Tontata troop who are tasked with taking out Sugar (the Doflamingo crew member with the power to turn people into toys). Not much has happened, just Ussop being his usual cowardly self, but we did get to see just how powerful the Tontattas are. We also find out that Franky is already fighting with Señor Pink, while a crew of mercenaries has been sent to ambush him (with a promise of reward money from Doflamingo). Thankfully, the crew was intercepted by Mr. Soldier, who turns out to be faster and stronger than people expect him to be, even with one leg missing.

Naruto Chapter 660 Recap: The Hidden Heart


This week’s chapter of Naruto continues with Madara Uchiha’s attempt to recapture the Tailed Beasts using the Gedo Mazou, starting with Kurama and Gyuki, but Zetsu reminds him that he doesn’t really need to start with them considering that they’re the hardest to get due to having a host. So Madara focuses on Shukaku instead, who was temporarily saved by Gaara.

We then get a flashback to Shukaku’s time with a previous host, who is an old priest that the one tails seems to have bonded with and started treating as an equal. It seems as though Shukaku has finally accepted Gaara on the same level as said priest, even though the kazekage isn’t really his host anymore.

Naruto Chapter 659 Recap and Spoilers: Limbo Hengoku


This week’s chapter of Masashi Kishimoto’s popular shonen manga Naruto isn’t that heavy on the action. But it did provide more details as to the current situation. First, Madara can only regain his right eye for now, because his left eye is still with Obito, which can’t be reclaimed by the Black Zetsu because Minato and Kakashi will kill him as soon as Obito dies.

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