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One Piece Chapter 732 Recap and Spoilers: The Underground World

Despite being focused on the assault on Doflamingo’s toy factory, this week’s chapter of One Piece feels slightly underwhelming, especially when compared to the big semi-reveal last week. The chapter starts with Ussop, Robin, Franky and the diminutive rebels being forced to split up because Franky doesn’t fit in the tunnel they planned to use. Franky, not wanting to remove his arms just ...


Bleach Chapter 561 Recap and Spoilers: Rose’s Bankai

Chapter 561 of Bleach starts with a fully-released Kensei Mugura rushing towards Mask de Masculine, only to be intercepted by a knee to the gut followed by a headbutt and a series of attacks that broke his arm and took him down for the count. Thankfully, his defeat isn’t a total loss as it leaves an opening for Rose to come in, and he starts by taking out the little sternritter that serves as ...


Naruto Chapter 658 Recap and Spoilers: Madara Takes on the Bijuus

Chapter 658 of Naruto feels a little bit shorter than usual, but in a good way. Reason is that it’s full of action scenes instead of plot-moving dialogue. It starts off with Madara Uchiha, who is now revived and empowered with Hashirama Senju’s cells, launching his attack on the Tailed Beasts. Shukaku (the One-Tailed Beast) and Gaara starts the attack by firing a barrage of sand pellets at ...

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