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Total Drama All Stars Return on September

This coming September 10, Tuesday, at 7:00 pm (ET/PT), Cartoon Network will be bringing Chris McLean and Chef back to Camp Wawanakwa along with all of your favorite campers for a brand-spanking new season of Total Drama: Total Drama All-stars. F14 of your favourite contestants will be returning, each one once again hoping to take home the million dollar prize. Another round of the epic battle ...

Celebrate Global Smurfs Day June 25th

Celebrate Global Smurfs Day June 25th

It’s become well known that The Smurfs are heading to theaters on July 29th, about 5 weeks from now. In an effort to ensure this time flies by, Sony Pictures Animation aims to make the entire summer the Smurfiest ever. The hype train kicks off today, on June 25th, with the power of Global Smurfs Day. Today doubles as a birthday for Peyo, the man responsible for creating the Smurfs over ...

The Smurfs get Smurfy on the big screen July 29

The Smurfs get Smurfy on the big screen July 29

Finally, after all this Smurfing time, we’ll be able to see The Smurfs on the big screen this summer. It’s been about 25 years since the little blue guys became Saturday Morning cartoon icons, but we were patient. When Kerner, Paramount and Nickelodeon were promising a movie ten years ago, we were patient. After Columbia and Sony got together to take control in 2008, we stayed ...

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