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Chomp Squad heads to Canadian TV

Hasbro’s dino-rrific animated web-series Chomp Squad is headed to Canadian television screens! Corus Entertainment’s preschool oriented Treehouse channel will air the series beginning Saturday, April 7th. Three shorts will air every Saturday and Sunday at 6:55 AM. The channel will also air one short on Saturdays and Sundays at 1:30 PM. Welcome to the world of Chomp Squad, where ...


Hasbro launches Chomp Squad on YouTube

Following in the foot steps of last year’s Hanazuki, toy giant Hasbro has launched another new property through a series of animated YouTube shorts. Chomp Squad is an original series aimed at kids aged 3-5 about a group of heroes and their partnered dinosaurs. The company launched the first 5 five-minute episodes on Saturday: Hasbro has also released the first batch in Brazilian ...


Hasbro unveils 2018/2019 slate: Chomp Squad, Littlest Pet Shop, Micronauts, Transformers

Hasbro Studios has published their 2018-2019 production slate and there are a bunch of exciting new reveals. Existing favourites are getting a new coat of paint and there’s even something totally new. Let’s start off with additional content¬†for shows that have already launched: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s eighth ...

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