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Toonbarn Game of the Week: One Sweet Roll


It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for another free browser-based game here at Toonbarn! This time, we’re featuring another Flash-based game based on Pendleton Ward’s hit animated fantasy-comedy series, Adventure Time.

Titled One Sweet Roll, the game finds series protagonists Finn and Jake frozen in ice (the game doesn’t specify why, but we can assume that the Ice King had a hand in it.) The fate of the heroic duo now rests on the hands of none other than Cinnamon Bun. In order to save Finn and Jake, Cinnamon Bun must do what he does best: roll. It’s really not told clearly how a ball of light can thaw a couple of frozen heroes, but that’s magic for you – it rarely makes sense to mortals like us.

One Sweet Roll basically plays like a puzzle game, with Cinammon Bun in a perpetual state of rolling, and you can control him towards the goal by removing blocks of ice in his path or making him jump (by clicking on him). Of course, it’s not that easy as there are obstacles along the way, such as spikes and endless pits.

You can play the game below:

Adventure Time: Hug Wolf Review

Hug wolf hugs a deer

In “Hug Wolf,” while searching for the deadly Blight Tree, Finn and Jake are ambushed by an alpha hug wolf that gets its heart-shaped paws around Finn. Jake manages to burn down the Blight tree. He asks Finn if he is alright. Finn’s suddenly filled with affection, and he can’t stop hugging people. He does this this to Beemo after they return to the tree fort, and Jake is playing video games.

Adventure Time: Dream of Love Review

Adventure Time: Dream of Love

“Dream of Love” is the fourth episode in season four of Adventure Time. Finn and Jake, as usual, are out having fun. As they roll down a hill, they are laughing as they reach the bottom. Finn tells Jake about all the things they are gonna do, including getting an apple pie from Tree Trunks, and listening to Princess Bubblegum’s Concert. As they run to Tree Trunk’s house to eat apple pie, the pig that was last seen in season 3 unexpectedly pops up and explains how he never left after the events in the episode, “Apple Thief”. The Pig admits his love for Tree Trunks to Finn and Jake, but then quickly gets embarrassed about it. Finn convinces the pig to confess his feelings. The pig gives a dramatic love speech when Tree Trunks comes out. Tree Trunks responds by claiming she feels the same way. Then they hug each other.

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