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Fish’ N Chips

Cyber Group Studios and Timoon Animation are working together to bring us Fish’ N Chips, a new, 3D animated, action comedy series. On one hand we have a fish (appropriately named “Fish”) who wants to live on land, and hang out in the fresh air. On the other hand, we have a cat (named “Chips”) who is mutating into a fish. The two live together, but also torment ...


Rock out with Bambala-Yé

Bambala-Yé starts in the heart of Africa, with a group of zany animals who form a rainbow musical group to get the whole continent swinging and rocking on their tour. The 3D animated, musical comedy is co-produced by Cyber Group Studios and Timoon Animation, who have partnered with EMI Publishing Worldwide to make the songs of Bambala-Yé available for ...


Kids Hate Clowns

Clowns aren’t exactly my favorite. Well, except, of course, the Joker. Still, I think Hit Entertainment could be spot on in their upcoming cartoon series, Kids Hate Clowns. The new 2D animated comedy is in the early stages of development from Firestep & Impossible Pictures. The show is about Chloe, a prim and proper 13-year-old, who has three distant relatives move in to her home. ...


Get ready for Gasp!

Taffy Entertainment has partnered up with SLR Productions to bring the new animated comedy Gasp all across the globe.  The show is based on the popular comic book by Terry Denton, and is about the adventures of a goldfish named Gasp, and what happens when pets are left home alone. The cartoon is set to air next spring, so get ready! ...


I Got A Rocket!

Rocketing its way over to the Disney Channel in UK and several other locations is Taffy Entertainment’s I Got a Rocket! The show is based on the popular Australian kid’s book, featuring Vinnie Q and his retro-boostered Rocket as they race through life at five-times the speed of sound. Hey, if you had a rocket, wouldn’t you do the same thing?  The show is currently available in ...

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