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Warner Bros. features Young Justice footage at Comic-Con 2010

Warner Bros. features Young Justice footage at Comic-Con 2010

Comic-Con does comic books and super hero related events like E3 does video games: they cover all the great new and upcoming items and make us nuts while we sit home and wait for them. This year’s con, Comic-Con 2010, is no different, as Warner Bros. teams with Cartoon Network to tease the upcoming animated series Young Justice. We first got wind of the show a few months ago, but can now ...

Drawn Together Movie: The Movie screening

Drawn Together Movie: The Movie screening

Anyone lucky enough to attend Comic Con in Anaheim next month will be treated to a special screening of Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! The flick, based on the Drawn Together Comedy Central animated series, is set to debut on DVD just a few days afterward, on April 20th, from Comedy Central Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment and creators Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser. Take ...


Concept Art from the Warner Bros Thundercats movie

Recently, the folks at Movieline were able to uncover something …beautiful. Or magical. Or …thunderous? However you want to describe it, it’s pretty cool. With the rush to produce movies based on 80s toons (Transformers, GI Joe, He-Man, etc.) it wasn’t too long before the idea of a ThunderCats movie crept up. Planet Thundera’s team of mutant human-cat ...


Preview the upcoming Bakugan game

Bakugan is one of the hottest toy / anime combos on the market right now, and this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego was sure to show it off. Those lucky enough to get some time with the Activision and Now Production game at the show were quite pleased with how it was coming along. The game take place in 3D playing fields. At the start of a battle, players place an Arena card, which each ...



At this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, Marvel and Sony teamed up to announce that the next “big” thing in Marvel gaming will actually also be a “little” thing. A LittleBig thing. That is, Marvel will make an appearance in PlayStation’s LittleBigPlanet! If you own the game on your PS3, you’ll soon be able to download some super heroic costumes to apply ...


Michael Keaton joins Toy Story 3

We reported the rumor last year, but now the San Diego Comic-Con makes it official: Michael Keaton will be aprt of the cast for Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3. Keaton, the former star of the 80s and 90s Batman films, will be providing the voice of Ken, Barbie’s long-time boyfriend. Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel in several Little Mermaid DVDs, is still on board to be the voice of ...


The Last Airbender

Air, Water, Earth, Fire. Four nations tied by destiny. But when the Fire Nation launches a brutal attack on the others, the world sinks into war. A century of battles rage, with no hope in sight, until Aang begins to unlock his true calling, and discovers he is the lone Avatar with the power to manipulate all four elements. Sound familiar? It should! Nickelodeon’s hit animated series ...


Halo the animated series

If you thought Master Chief was cool before, you haven’t seen anything yet! At the San Diego Comic-Con, Microsoft has revealed plans to create an animated miniseries called Halo Legends, based on the video game series. The anime style cartoon is being developed by 5 different studios: Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G, Studio4 C, and Toei Animation – all working together ...


Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman will be at Comic Con today

And speaking of the San Diego Comic-Con… if any of you guys are in the area, there is a special Coraline event going on in about an hour. Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman will be discussing the making of their stop-motion animated film, providing the audience with a behind-the-scenes look. Afterward, the two will stick around, along with voice actor Keith David, to sign autographs for fans. ...


Johnny Depp and Tim Burton unveil The Mad Hatter

Those individuals lucky enough to attend this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego were not only treated to an awesome show, they also got the very first look at Tim Burton’s upcoming live-action film Alice in Wonderland. The movie, a 3D, CG-enhanced remake of the story made famous by Disney’s animated classic roughly 50 years ago, stars Johnny Depp stars as The Mad Hatter. If the ...

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