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The Awesome Adventures of Aoi Seeks Funding

Daniel Krohnengold and his creative team is hard at work on a new animated series targeted towards teens and young adults titled “The Awesome Adventures of Aoi.” In order to fund the project, the creators have set up an Indiegogo page and are seeking €11,000 by November 21, 2014, in order to complete the first chapter of the animated program. Funding will go toward the script and storyboard as well as sound effects, animation, voice casting and music lyrics in three languages including: Spanish, English and Japanese.

The Awesome Adventures of Aoi focuses on a young boy named Aoi who witnessed his parents fall sick and die from a sudden, mysterious illness. The main enemy, Yasha, is planning to create a super soldier by kidnapping people, throwing them in cages, and doing all manners of experiments. His first victim is Aoi, who is turned into a creature.

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