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Cyber Group, Turner Team Up for Taffy

Cyber Group Studios and Turner have recently joined forces in order to produce a new retro-inspired animated series titled Taffy. The series is intended for the broadcaster’s kid’s channel, Boomerang, for airing across international markets. France will also get to see Taffy via France Televisions. Taffy consists of a 76 x 7 series of episodes, with admitted inspiration from Hanna-Barbera ...

the tales of tatonka

Cyber Group’s Tales of Tatonka Makes its Way to China

Cyber Group Studios and Pacific Media Group recently announced that the animated series The Tales of Tatonka has started airing last March 29 on the Chinese free to air channel, CCTV, under a daily airing schedule. The series will also be carried by major digital platforms across China. The Tales of Tatonka is aimed towards children aged 5 to 7 years old, and its story focuses on four wolf cubs ...


JAKKS Gets Master Toy License for Gigantosaurus

Paris-based producer Cyber Group Studios recently signed a multi-year agreement with toy and consumer products company JAKKS Pacific for the animated preschool series, Gigantosaurus. The deal gives JAKKS rights to produce and market various merchandise inspired by the series, including preschool toys, playsets, outdoor furniture, costumes, and accessories. The first set of toys and books from ...


Disney Junior Worldwide Picks Up Gigantosaurus

Paris-based producer/distributor Cyber Group Studios has recently announced that their prehistoric themed CG preschool series Gigantosaurus has been picked up by Disney Junior Worldwide and will be airing in various regions all over the globe (excluding India and Taiwan) from 2019. Disney Junior’s licensing of the show is not entirely without precedent, as the series has already been acquired ...


Cyber Group Studios Enlist Those Licensing People for Zou

Those Licensing People has been appointed by Cyber Group Studios to handle Eire and U.K. licensing rights for Zou. Aired on Disney Junior in the U.K., Zou is a top performing show that is focused on a zippy little zebra whose everyday adventures expose him as well as his viewers to useful life lessons in a safe and family environment. Zou is a great addition to the deal’s slate of properties ...


Cyber Group Sells More Than 250 Hours of Content to Asian Territories

Paris-based studio Cyber Group Studios will be increasing its footprint in Asia after a raft of new deals consisting of more than 250 half hours of content, from popular shows such as Zorro: The Chronicles, Tales of Tatonka, Mademoiselle Zazie, Zou, and others. The CG animated Tales of Tatonka is already making a great showing in the Asia Pacific region, with Discovery Networks recently renewing ...

Cyber Group's Releases New Zou Interactive Goodies

Cyber Group Releases New Zou Interactive Goodies

France’s Cyber Group Studios has just announced the release of new interactive projects based on the HD CG preschool show Zou (52 x 11). The interactive projects, which are meant to extend the brand, will consist of an animated ebook, various apps, and a dedicated website. The Zou eBook is already available via Apple’s App Store and the Android market, with releases in English, ...

Teletoon and Cyber Group's Academie Royale

Teletoon and Cyber Group’s Academie Royale

Teletoon, the animation juggernaut, is teaming up with Cyber Group Studios, another animation juggernaut, on a brand new upcoming CG animated series called Academy Royal (aka Academie Royale). The series, created by Cyber Group and Sieun Design, follows three tween apprentice princesses in a talent competition, the world-famous Academie Royale. Ange, Melle, and Liz are determined to win its ...

Mademoiselle Zazie, by Cyber Group

Mademoiselle Zazie, by Cyber Group

What’s it like being a girl? What’s it like being a boy? What’s it like being in love when you’re 7? First or all, can you be in love when you’re 7? The doubts, the jealously, the breaking up, the clichés, the friendship, the anger, the despair, the tenderness, the ecstatic-or the simple-moments of happiness… It’s like a whirlwind of soap-opera style emotions, all crammed ...


Fish’ N Chips

Cyber Group Studios and Timoon Animation are working together to bring us Fish’ N Chips, a new, 3D animated, action comedy series. On one hand we have a fish (appropriately named “Fish”) who wants to live on land, and hang out in the fresh air. On the other hand, we have a cat (named “Chips”) who is mutating into a fish. The two live together, but also torment ...


Rock out with Bambala-Yé

Bambala-Yé starts in the heart of Africa, with a group of zany animals who form a rainbow musical group to get the whole continent swinging and rocking on their tour. The 3D animated, musical comedy is co-produced by Cyber Group Studios and Timoon Animation, who have partnered with EMI Publishing Worldwide to make the songs of Bambala-Yé available for ...

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