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Never Before Seen Episode of The Looney Tunes Show: Superrabit

If you’re a big fan of The Looney Tunes and Superman, Warner Bros. Animation’s most recent promo video and teaser gallery should be interesting, as it shows off the iconic Bugs Bunny donning what looks to be a Superman costume. Of course, the title of the clip is a dead giveaway: Superrabit. According to Warner Bros. Animation’s description of the episode, Superrabit finds Bugs explaining ...


Classic Looney Tunes Returns to Boomerang on October

This coming October 5, one of the greatest franchises in theatrical animated shorts will be returning to Boomerang, as the 24-hour classic animation network brings back Warner Bros’ classic Looney Tunes shorts via a one-hour block that airs on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7 am. The classic Looney Tunes cartoons were first produced from 1930 to 1969, which is considered by many as the ...

New Daffy Duck Short to Debut with Journey 2

New Daffy Duck Short to Debut with Journey 2

If you’re itching for a new 3-D Looney Toon starring everyone’s favorite duck, then you need to score a ticket to the screening of Warner Bros.’ Journey 2: The Mysterious Island on February 10, since the movie will include the premiere of Daffy Duck’s newest CG toon – Daffy’s Rhapsody. ...

Looney Tunes Trailer: The Shelf

Looney Tunes Trailer: The Shelf

This Tuesday, prepare yourself for another episode of pure, wacky hilarity as The Looney Tunes Show will find Bugs Bunny in a very difficult situation, with the crazy wabbit trying to hang a shelf for the purpose of displaying his Nobel Prize. But, as expected of a Looney Tunes episode, this very simple activity turns into a completely messy situation, and hilarity soon ensues. Daffy Duck and ...

The Essential Daffy Duck DVD is Out Now

The Essential Daffy Duck DVD is Out Now

This week saw the release of Warner Bros. The Essential Daffy Duck on DVD shelves. The two-disc set, which retails for $26.99, contains 2 DVDs packed full with 21 Daffy Duck classics, such as Porky’s Duck Hunt, one of the many skits with Porky Pig as a hunter and Daffy as his unlucky (or lucky, in this case) target – this is not to be confused with the much better episode with Yosemite Sam ...

Bugs gets buzzed and Daffy patrols on Off Duty Cop

Bugs gets buzzed and Daffy patrols on Off Duty Cop

A decent part of tonight’s Looney Tunes Show episode will feature the transformation of Daffy Duck, from mildly annoying roommate to mildly annoying pretend detective. Bugs, on the other hand, is going through his own transformation. Never passing up an opportunity to spout “What’s up, Doc”, Bugs heads in to the doctor’s for a routine checkup when he discovers his ...

Daffy and Porky star in Off Duty Cop

Daffy and Porky star in Off Duty Cop

With all the cop dramas on TV today, it’s difficult to tell the good ones from the bad ones. Or the Looney ones from the Daffy ones, for that matter. Take this week’s episode of The Looney Tunes Show, for example, where Daffy’s obsession with TV star Steve St. James leads him to a real-life quest for justice. With Porky at his side, and a full world of toon folk to question, ...

The Looney Tunes Show drives to the DMV, thanks to Bugs, Daffy, Lola

The Looney Tunes Show drives to the DMV, thanks to Bugs, Daffy, Lola

Tonight, on The Looney Tunes Show, almost everyone has to head over to the DMV. It all starts when Daffy insists on driving Bugs to the movies in his parade float. Before too long, he runs a stop sign, gets pulled over, and gets stranded with Bugs as his float towed away. What’s the problem? No license, of course! Now he has to head over to the DMV to try and get himself qualified, ...

Bugs and Daffy hit the DMV on Cartoon Network's The Looney Tunes Show

Bugs and Daffy hit the DMV

Depending on where you live, your 15th, 16th, or 17th birthday is something you really look forward to, as that is the first day you’re allowed to legally get your driver’s license and drive a car. Tuesday September 20th might not be all of their birthdays, but it seems many characters from the Looney Tunes Show are heading over to the DMV to make sure they’re cleared to be ...

Daffy rules as The Wizard on Cartoon Network's The Looney Tunes Show

Daffy rules as the The Wizard

It’s certainly not “Duck Season!” Through the decades, Daffy has been an adventurer and comedian, but we don’t ever recall him inheriting super human powers and immensely powerful magic abilities. At least, not yet this season. And, with all that said, here he is, starring in this week’s Merrie Melodies short on The Looney Tunes Show as The Wizard. The animated ...

Bugs details Pizzarriba on The Looney Tunes Show: Sunday Night Slice

Bugs details Pizzarriba on Sunday Night Slice

As fun as they are, Bugs, Daffy, and Porky just want a place to hang out that they can call their own. On this week’s The Looney Tunes Show, they’ll tell the story of how such a place came to be, revisiting the origin store of Pizzarriba! From the very beginning when Girardi’s, the local pizza joint, became available, all the way to the miracle that occurs when Speedy ...

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