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WATCH: Team Pikachu vs. Team Skull Dance Battle

We have to admit that despite being big fans of the Pokemon franchise, we don’t know how to play Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate seeing the new promo video for the TCG, because it’s cute as hell and features a bunch of Pikachu mascots doing what they do best: be cute, cuddly, and competitive. The video is live action, and features Team Skull ...


Namco Bandai Reveals One Piece Dance Battle

Shonen manga and anime franchise tie-in videogames are no stranger to unorthodox genres. We’ve seen card games, visual novels, and even party games – in spite of the fact that shonen properties automatically lend themselves well to fighting and action games. Namco Bandai is not about to break tradition, as it has just revealed a brand new One Piece smartphone game that has nothing to ...

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