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Danger Mouse Returns for 2nd Season

Fremantle Media Kids & Family and CBBC have jointly announced the return of the World’s Greatest Secret Agent, Danger Mouse, for its 2nd season of animated adventures. The season was ordered by CBBC Controller Cheryl Taylor and is part of Fremantle Media kids & Family’s 5-year co pro partnership with BBC Children’s. The new Danger Mouse series debuted back in September 2015 and ...


New Trailer for Danger Mouse Reboot

The Danger Mouse reboot’s September 28th reboot on CBBC is looming, and what better to get fans excited than to release a brand-spanking new trailer, which you can watch below. The rebooted Danger Mouse series will showcase a sleeker art style that doesn’t really deviate too much from the original, and will feature an impressive voice cast that includes the likes of Stephen Fry and Lena ...


Netflix Gets Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse in Spring of 2016

Netflix has added five new original and exclusive shows to its growing kids programming portfolio, including new series featuring Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse. Inspector Gadget, a new 26-episode CGI-animated series, will premiere on Netflix in the U.S. next month; the show is running on television in Latin America and European countries.  Inspector Gadget, joined by his niece, Penny, and ...


Stephen Fry Joins Danger Mouse Cast

Veteran actor, comedian, and presenter Stephen Fry has been announced as a new addition to the voice cast of the new animated iteration of Danger Mouse, which is coming to CBBC in the UK next year. Fry will be lending his voice to the character Colonel K, which is an elderly chinchilla and a pillar of the British Secret Service. ...

Danger Mouse Movie Poster concept art

Danger Mouse movie poster fanimation

Hold your horses, there is no Danger Mouse movie (yet?). The poster below is fan-created art by DeviantARTist Daz Tibbles. It’s just concept art, no matter how professional and convincing it looks. Let’s just hope Danger Mouse’s producers over at Cosgrove Hall films would see how awesome a DM movie would look and get the ball rolling. ...

Pip joins Dangermouse and Wind in the Willow at CHF Entertainment

Pip joins Dangermouse and Wind in the Willow at CHF Entertainment

The creative folks behind iconic toons like Dangermouse and Wind in the Willow are back! Sure, it’s been a long break, but Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall are back in the animated game, joining up with Francis Fitzpatrick to form the super toon team of Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick Entertainment; CHF Entertainment, for short. One of the group’s first ventures is a new toon called Pip! ...

FremantleMedia Enterprises teases a re-imagined Danger Mouse

FremantleMedia Enterprises teases a re-imagined Danger Mouse

Nearly 30 years ago, in 1981, Cosgrove Hall Films and Thames Television teamed to produce an animated version of James Bond, mixed with Danger Man, mixed with … well, a cartoon mouse. The result was the British super hero spy Danger Mouse, whose animated adventures ran for 89 episodes over nearly a dozen years in the United Kingdom, as well as becoming one of the first cartoons to hit ...

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