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NEW DC Nation Clip: Shazam – Courage

If you’ve been missing out on DC Nation’s hilarious animated shorts, Warner Bros. Animation has just released a new clip showcasing one of their heavy-hitters: Shazam!. The short tackles one of the odd things about Billy Batson’s powers: the fact that a young boy can transform into an adult and get away with things that most boys would not even dare doing.

In the short, Billy Batson transforms into Shazam so that he can be admitted into a theater showing an adult-only scary film. However, said act of mischief comes back to bite him in the butt later when he has to walk through a dark and spooky environment on his way home.

Bruce Timm’s Batman Returns via a New Animated Short

Warner Bros. has just released a bunch of preview screenshots from Bruce Timm’s upcoming project for DC Nation, which is a brand new animated Batman short that delves into a lost tale from the dark knight’s past, in which he tracks a strange giant to the mysterious layer of Dr. Hugo Strange.

You can check out the images below:

New DC Nation Short – Metal Men: Identity Crisis


Warner Bros. Animation has just released a new clip for this week’s DC Nation programming block, this time featuring another round of hilarity via the Metal Men. The short is titled “Identity Crisis” and will air tomorrow, alongside other DC Nation shows such as Beware the Batman.

In “Identity Crisis,” Dr. Will Magnus is in the process of modifying the Metal Men, in order to “fix” their over-emotional responses to everything, an effort that is deemed unnecessary by the Metal Men themselves, claiming that there’s nothing that needs to be fixed.

New DC Nation Animated Short: Super Pets – The League of Just Us


Warner Bros. Animation continues the spandex-clad hilarity these week via their DC Nation Programming Block, which airs this Saturday, September 21 at 10:00 AM ET/PT on Cartoon Network. The block has long been home to animated series based on DC Comics’ rich treasure trove of properties, such as Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and more recently – Beware the Batman.

New DC Nation Short: Plastic Man – Superheroes Wear Pajamas


Warner Bros. Animation has just released a preview clip for this week’s DC Nation, this time featuring one of the more popular series of shorts on the programming block, Plastic Man. Titled “Superheroes Wear Pajamas,” it features Plas himself being caught in public wearing his pajamas and still carrying his favorite teddy bear. Of course, since he has a reputation to protect, he immediately comes up with an excuse that was so silly it actually worked. Check out the video below:

New DC Nation Clip: Metal Men


Warner Bros. Animation has just released a new preview clip for this week’s DC Nation programming block, featuring yet another glimpse at their animated take on the Metal Men. For those not in the know, the Metal Men are a group of six robots who were created by scientist Dr. William “Will” Magnus, with each member representing a specific metal (Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Tin, and Platinum).

While the original comic book version of the Metal Men already have humorous overtones, DC Nation’s new animated take on the team are distinctly more comedic, with the group being shown in normal situations that are played for laughs, as a result of their specific quirks. For this clip, the Metal Men show what kind of shenanigans they can get into while in a classroom setting:

New DC Nation Short: Doom Patrol – Challenge of the Timeless Commander


Warner Bros. Animation has just released a new clip from their DC Nation programming block, this time featuring the Doom Patrol. The animated short features what looks like a more serious depiction of the team, with the clip itself featuring a fight sequence instead of the usual superhero-themed comedy sketches from DC Nation.

In the clip, you’ll see Robotman and Negative Man in action against one of their primary villains, General Immortus. However, the two heroes aren’t faring to well against the General. The Chief is shown briefly even though he’s not actively participating in the fight. Elasti-Girl is also shown for a few seconds, but she soon disappears from the scene (Immortus noted that she’s the only hero left to stand in his way, after taking Negman and Robotman down). You can watch the clip below:

New DC Nation Clip: Super Pets – World’s Finest Bark


A New DC Nation clip has just been released, this time we’re back to the animal-themed sketches. Titled “Super Pets – World’s Finest Bark,” which depicts Superman and Batman as super-powered canines.

In the clip, we get a little bit of banter between the two heroes, where they reveal that they don’t talk when there are humans present. Additionally, the two superpets are currently stationed on a roof somewhere, waiting for the Green Lantern to arrive.

The Super dog (krypto?) expresses excitement at meeting a new hero, despite initial misgivings about meeting a human (the “they don’t talk to humans part,”) but Bat dog (ace) reassures him that Green Lantern is an animal as well. Super Dog was very vocal about wanting to meet a “dog lantern,” only to be surprised when the emerald hero has arrived and turned out to be a squirrel. Anybody who has had a pet dog and seen their reactions to a squirrel knows that something hilarious is about to happen. You can check out the clip below:

New DC Nation Clip – Tales of Metropolis: Lois


Warner Bros. Animation has just released a non-exclusive clip for the new DC Nation short titled “Tales of Metropolis: Lois,” which is a comedic take on one of Metropolis’ premiere journalists, Lois Lane.

In the clip, Lois Lane tries her best to interview and pry some confidential information out of Batman. Of course, everybody knows that THE Batman has no intention of revealing the slightest bit of information about himself, especially if it doesn’t serve a purpose other than pad another journalist’s resume. Lois, on the other hand, proves just how persistent she can be. You can watch the clip below:

New DC Nation Clip: Robert Valley’s Wonder Woman


Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block has always been a great source for interesting new takes on our beloved DC comic book superheroes, from the hilarious toddler version of Superman to the equally hilarious farm animal version of the Super Friends, to the amusing take on Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wondergirl as an exclusively-tween supergroup.

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