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Deadpool Movie is Finally Confirmed

One of the best parts of Fox’s X-Men: Origins was the appearance of Wade Wilson, because Deadpool has a large (and loyal) fanbase, and that Ryan Reynolds did a fine job portraying the merc in a mouth before he became the wisecracking, fourth wall-breaking anti-hero. The clamor for a spin-off movie was equally strong, but died down after the project was unceremoniously shelved and Reynolds went to the other camp and portrayed one of their heroes (unsuccessfully, in terms of critical reception.)

Deadpool Movie Adaptation Getting Closer to Reality

ryan reynolds deadpool

Back when X-Men Origins: Wolverine first landed on the big screens, one of the things that had comic book fans wetting their jammies in excitement was a potential Deadpool spin-off, due to Ryan Reynold’s portrayal of the merc with a mouth (which was well-received, despite being only a few minutes long) and because of the end-credits teaser.

However, the possibility of a Deadpool movie started fading after some wishy-washiness on the part of Fox and was finally laid to rest when Ryan Reynolds was cast as Hal Jordan in DC’s adaptation of Green Lantern, because it would be awkward for Hal Jordan to suddenly become Wade Wilson in his own movie, and mainly because Green Lantern bombed so hard that people were no longer excited at the prospect of seeing Ryan Reynolds in another comic book movie.

However, in a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies, Ryan Reynolds revealed that there’s still a chance that the Deadpool movie will push through, and they are making sure to approach everything carefully in order to sell the studio in on the idea:

NYCC Interview: MAD’s Kevin Shinick

Kevin Shinick Interview at New York Comic Con 2012

In January, 2007, Seth Green hired Kevin Shinick to be a writer on Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken and their Robot Chicken: Star Wars specials. There, Shinick voiced many of the show’s characters and worked his way up to being Creative Director until he left in 2009.

While at Robot Chicken, Shinick met fellow writer Hugh Davidson, who left to reboot Looney Tunes for Warner Bros. Animation. They were looking to create an animated sketch comedy show for teens and pre-teens based on MAD magazine for Cartoon Network and Davidson suggested Shinick. Shinick wrote the pilot and has been the showrunner/producer/head writer/voice director and most frequent voice talent for MAD ever since. The show debuted in September, 2010, the same month he won an Emmy for his work on Robot Chicken, and even more importantly, became a first-time dad to daughter, Maisy.

Kevin Shinick photo credit - Dana Patrick

High Moon Studios Develops Deadpool Video Game

High Moon Studios Develops Deadpool Video Game

High Moon Studios seems to be one of the few game devs these days that really know how to translate established licences into enjoyable videogames, as evidenced by its successful adaptation of the Transformers license into the videogame format (via Transformers: War for Cybertron and its upcoming sequel, Fall of Cybertron).

It’s therefore understandable that fans would be excited when High Moon teased an upcoming Marvel game, which has now been confirmed to be a videogame adaptation of the Deadpool franchise. A teaser has been released through the SDCC:

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