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Top 5 Best Anime/Manga Live Action Adaptations

Most of the time, when news about a new live action adaptation of a popular manga or anime franchise surfaces, fans groan collectively. If the studio and creative staff behind said adaptation are credible, fans might give it a chance but on the whole, every single new live-action adaptation makes fans feel that we’ll get another Dragonball: Evolution on our hands.

Below are some of the rare cases where the live action adaptation actually managed to please fans of the source material (and in some cases managed to turn out as films that can be appreciated even by people who are not familiar with the original manga/anime):

Sony TV to Launch Animax in the UK


Sony Pictures Television Networks has recently announced plans to launch a version of their anime channel, Animax, for the UK using a subscription VOD model. In support of the launch, Viz Media has signed a multi-year volume deal with Sony in order to be the exclusive content provider for the new service.

The initial catalogue that will be offered on Animax UK will include UK premieres such as Death Note and Vampire Nights, as well as other popular series such as Bleach and Black Lagoon.

Death Note American remake under development

Death Note american movie adaptation

After being stuck in development limbo for a long time, it seems that the US remake of Death Note is starting to show signs of life (see what I did there?). For the uninitiated, Death Note is an immensely popular psychological thriller manga/anime about a book called the Death Note, which has the power to kill the people whose names are written on its pages, and two rival geniuses who spent the whole series trying to outsmart each other, with the Death Note firmly stuck in the middle of their conflict.

Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, and Inuyasha DVDs

Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, and Inuyasha DVDs

Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, and Inuyasha could be in your home as early as April of the new year! VIZ Media, LLC and Warner Home Video have signed an exclusive deal that will bring these franchises to DVD — both archived and new episodes. The deal covers most of North America, including the US and Mexico (sorry, Canada!) and could start seeing DVDs in stores on April 1st.

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