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New Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Video Features Trish

The previous promo video for Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4 remaster highlighted the return of Dante’s twin, Vergil, but it would be a little bit sad if that was the end of that, because Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition features the return of the entire cast.

This time around, the new video is a combat introduction for another returning cast member: Trish (who is actually in the original Devil May Cry 4, but we won’t reveal how she figured into it in order to avoid spoiling the story for people who have yet to play it firsthand.)

New Promo Video for Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Features Vergil

Capcom is getting ready to please Devil May Cry fans who prefer OG Dante via an HD remake of Devil May Cry 4. A new promo video has been released to tease the upcoming release, this time not only showcases the remastered visuals and a new ‘Turbo’ mode, but also the reappearance of one of the series’ most popular side characters: none other than dante’s antagonistic twin, Vergil.

This version of Vergil was last seen in Devil May Cry 3 (technically, he was last seen in Devil May Cry 2 if we’re to follow the story chronologically.) He wasn’t part of Devil May Cry 4 and his sword Yamato came into the possession of then-protagonist Nero. However, it looks like DMC4: SE aims to rectify that glaring mistake.

You can watch the video below:

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