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Di-Gata Defenders Nintendo DS Game Review

Everyone likes Di-Gata Defenders, right?  And everyone likes Di-Gata Defenders video games, right?  … well… nope!  IGN didn’t pull any punches when they reviewed the game. Di-Gata Defenders DS is a bad game. Ugly graphics, painful music, a boring (extremely fan-centric) story, an uninspired battle system, and one of the worst equipment upgrade layouts I have seen in gaming ...


Nelvana puts animated content via VOD

People in the US, the UK and France are now able to watch Di-Gata Defenders episodes online via Video On Demand.  Nelvana, the owner of the animated content, is also planning to air other shows, like 6teen and Tales from the Cryptkeeper. ...


4KidsTV Saturdays

The 4KidsTV block on the Fox network is back for its seventh season!  Though some of the shows may have split to appear on the CW4Kids Saturday morning block, many of your favorites are here along with some new series.  Check out the lineup below, which will premiere on Saturday, September 13th. 08:00 AM     Di-Gata Defenders 08:30 AM     Biker Mice From Mars 09:00 AM     Sonic ...

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